Our Mission

Each student will be nurtured and educated to develop his God-given talents to the best of his ability through balanced involvement in all aspects of life at the College.

Our Vision

The purpose of our vision: ‘A New School of Thought’ is to produce men who have the confidence to change the world.

Our Guiding Philosophy

A boy who is confident can move forward. Stride into the future. Cope with change. It is the province of one who can deal with the unknown, and make it knowable.

A New School of Thought

At BBC, we are acutely aware that many of our students will graduate into jobs and careers which have not yet been created. We must ‘future-proof ’ our students by developing young men who not only have strong foundational knowledge, but who are also critical thinkers, with creative and curious minds, and a collaborative disposition.

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Not all schools are the same. Our approach is to develop boys’ minds to be forward thinking and assist them in exploring their passion and purpose in life.


No single person leads our great College in isolation. Our success is driven through collective effort and a culture where we utilise each other’s strengths, to grow and push each other to our limits and redefine our boundaries for success.

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Success starts early. Why wait?

Choosing a school for your child is one of life’s biggest decisions. Just as every child is different, every school offers its own unique blend of academic and co-curricular opportunities. At Brisbane Boys’ College we consider the transition to a new school to be a significant milestone and make every effort to ensure this is as enjoyable and seamless as possible.