Our Junior School caters for the unique learning styles of young boys, combining structured and play-based learning experiences. Traditional foundation skills such as literacy and numeracy are a focus. Students are extended in these areas through activities such as internal and external competitions and exposure to experiential learning, which builds resilience, problem solving, independence, social aptitude and mindfulness.

The synergy that exists between childhood development and a boy’s ability to learn, absorb and apply knowledge is reflected in the College’s approach. Our understanding of key developmental milestones informs teaching strategies and the delivery of tailored learning experiences.

Specialist lessons including Visual Art, Christian Education, Music, Technology and Physical Education are integrated into the core curriculum for Junior School students. In the Early Years, boys also take part in the Music Every Day program. Based on the world-renowned Kodaly philosophy, it aims to foster a lifelong love of music yet, most importantly, supports literacy and numeracy development through song, syllable work and musical stories. It also assists in building confidence, self-esteem and expression through creativity and performance.

Enriching activities, which include public speaking, chess, camps, musicals, expressive arts, choirs, orchestra, bands, excursions and mathematical, science and English competitions, are integrated into the core program. Boys are also given the opportunity to extend their talents by participation in Enrichment Days, Mathematics Olympiads, Future Problem Solving, extension mathematics groups, individual instrumental lessons and a full sporting program which allows them to achieve up to state representation level.

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