Secondary School:

Middle School

Seamless curriculum and wellbeing experiences along the journey from primary to secondary education.

The BBC Middle School caters for the unique needs of boys in Years 7 to 9, as they progress from Junior to Senior School learning environments. For most, this means moving away from dependence on a single, classroom teacher to a more independent environment characterised by a variety of teachers and classroom settings.

Our committed Middle School staff tailor their academic programs to engage and enthuse their students with a carefully crafted blend of rigour and fun.  All of this occurs against the pastoral backdrop of a cohort-specific wellbeing program based on the science of Positive Psychology and directed towards helping boys understand how to apply their character strengths to work through setbacks and build resilience.

Exposure to specific study skills programs, service and leadership opportunities help Middle School students make their transition to the Senior School well prepared for the challenges of their senior years.

To get them off to a running start, our Year 7 boys take part in a unique ‘Orient and Connect’ Outdoor Education program in the first week of the academic year. Designed to help boys build resilience and alleviate any anxieties associated with the transition to high school, the retreat helps boys to foster a sense of place and belonging within a community they will forever be a part of.

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Senior School

Helping young men to shape their future, through a program facilitating independence and individuality.

Senior Schooling at BBC provides a setting for adolescent boys to develop into independent, resilient, problem solving young men and mentors for our younger learners. It builds on the journey through Middle School through an increasingly individualised approach. Whether students plan to undertake tertiary studies or head directly into the workforce, our Senior School program allows each boy to work towards achieving his individual goals.

The senior years represent a time of transition and leadership as boys consider their future. We want our boys to have the confidence to change the world. During these final years of schooling boys develop flexibility of mind, strength of character and are equipped with the skills needed to navigate future challenges and learning beyond their formal years of schooling.

At Brisbane Boys’ College, we offer diverse and flexible career guidance and a support program to ensure each boy is able to pursue his pathway of choice. To assist with their professional development beyond the school gates, boys can also join the Brisbane Boys’ College Mentor program which links recent graduates with Old Collegians who wish to share their professional insights and provide ongoing assistance after school.

Our Senior School students develop from the knowledge that they will always strive towards personal excellence, be truthful to themselves and others, and have the humility and mindset when they need to improve, but also take the plaudits when deserved. They are also encouraged to have personal integrity that informs them through life, an internal and external courage, and an innate drive to serve others.

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