At Brisbane Boys’ College, our Tartan+ Wellbeing Model is designed to develop self-efficacy in our students, to encourage boys to participate, become part of a team and take on leadership roles. Ultimately, it is about nurturing a boy’s confidence and a strong sense of belonging to a community he will forever be a part of.

Our whole of school student wellbeing model is grounded in the science of positive psychology, is inspired by Christian example and draws inspiration from the best pastoral care systems and evidence-based research from around the world.

This model provides a dual point of contact through Year Team Leaders and Head of House. Together, these roles will oversee and lead the academic, intellectual, emotional, psycho-social, community, leadership and spiritual development of every boy.

Horizontal Wellbeing: Year Level Focus

The Year Level wellbeing structure ensures that we are addressing developmental themes appropriate to the age group and allows for year identity to remain strong.

Our staff know each boy individually and deliver purposeful and age-specific programs to equip students with much-needed skills to confidently navigate their way through their school years and beyond.

Vertical Wellbeing: The House System

The House is the place where the sense of who and what BBC is, resides. The Head of House (and the House System) is the keeper of the BBC flame and the champion of the BBC tradition
within the community. The House system focuses on celebration and community at a whole-school level.

All boarders at the College are in Rudd House and brothers are always placed in the same House as their older siblings. Additionally, sons of Old Collegians are placed in the same House group as their fathers, except for those day boys whose fathers were boarders.

Wellbeing & Achievement

We know there is an inextricable link between wellbeing and achievement. Through implementing intentional, experienced-based wellbeing initiatives through our Positive Education framework, we foster resilience, engagement and ultimately an optimal environment for academic success.

Our positive education framework, which is based on the science of positive psychology, places the wellbeing and happiness of each boy at the heart of our decision making.