These experiences inspire positive relationships integral to the wellbeing of self, community and our natural world, while allowing students to expand their comfort zones, prepare and redefine personal possibilities, gain confidence, think critically and creatively, demonstrate ethical understanding and compassion.

Through our Outdoor Education Program boys develop a spirit of camaraderie with their peers, which will serve them well in their adult life. Embedded in the curriculum from Year 4, this program is the cornerstone for our holistic education as we strive to educate our boys to be confident men.

Based on the six core values of self-discipline, leadership, integrity, resilience, positive relationships and community mindedness the program focuses on the teaching and practice of creating authentic connections, independence, gaining self-confidence and redefining personal possibilities.

Each year students build on their skills and learnings which result in growth in maturity and experience and translate to pedagogical outcomes in and out of the classroom as boys reflect on their experiences and apply their new skills and knowledge at home and at school.