Feed Back and Incident Reporting


Brisbane Boys’ College welcomes feedback from all members of the College community. To effectively manage the feedback we receive, we have established an online feedback form which allows us to effectively capture, manage and report on the feedback we receive. Regular analysis of feedback received and the implementation of rectification action, where deficiencies are identified, are key to the College’s commitment.

The online Feedback Form is available here.

Safety Incident and Hazard Reporting

Protecting the health and safety of our students, staff and our wider College community through effective risk prevention and risk management practices is very important to BBC. It is also very important to us that parents and members of our school community have confidence that all risks within the College are addressed in a transparent, confidential, and respectful manner.

As part of the College’s broader enterprise risk management framework, BBC has available an on-line incident notification form which enables parents, students, staff, volunteers, and members of our College community to immediately notify BBC of any injury, hazard, incident, or potential risk identified on campus or at an off-site BBC event.

If you are injured or involved in an incident either on campus or off campus at a BBC event please notify BBC by clicking here.

If you notice a potential safety or security hazard please notify BBC by clicking here.


At Brisbane Boys’ College we are committed to positive and respectful relationships where diversity is valued and all members of the school community feels respected and included. Our students have the right to learn in a supportive, caring, and safe environment without the fear of bullying, harassment, intimidation, or victimisation and can be confident that they will receive support in the face of any threats to their safety and wellbeing.

If you believe that your son has been the subject of behaviour, such as bullying/harassing behaviour that does not meet the behavioural expectations placed on all students of the College, please notify BBC here.