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BBC Crowned 2019 GPS Tennis Champions

Seven years in a row

2019 GPS Cross Country 
BBC regains the Jack E. Ross Trophy for the second year running

2020 Scholarship Applications Now Open
Expect great things for your son and find out more about our Scholarships for 2020 entry.

Commitment to Excellence
Celebrating the academic achievements of our 2018 Scholars

Expect Great Things
Final results released for the Class of 2018
Congratulations Boys

Creating College History
BBC claims 2018 GPS Track and Field Championships for the third consecutive year

Limited Places: Prep to Year 6
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Making memories and writing history
BBC crowned 2018 GPS Cross Country Champions

BBC crowned World Robotics Champions at 2018 RoboCup Junior World Championships in Montreal

BBC Pipe Band perform at 2018 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and World Pipe Band Championships

Six in a Row for our First IV
2018 GPS Premiers and State Tennis Champions

Small class sizes. Specialised teachers. Spaces to grow.

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Give your son a headstart.

The early years is a vital time to shape your son's future.

BBC Long Term Athletic Development Program.

Maximising his health through participation and performance.

Our Approach

What is BBC?

A GPS school for boys in Prep to Year 12. 

The future isn't what it used to be.

A New School of Thought.

Knowledge-based learning is no longer enough. We teach our boys to question the status quo and solve problems to make the world a better place. Not just when they leave school. Now, at Brisbane Boys' College. 

We know boys. We know how to harness their energy, curiosity and thirst for competition. We call this: A New School of Thought.

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Success starts early. Why wait?

It starts with music every day.

As one of only a few schools in Brisbane to offer the Music Every Day program as part of the standard curriculum, BBC's Junior School sees our youngest learners in Prep, Years 1, 2 and 3 partake in music lessons on a daily basis.

The program supports literacy and numeracy development through song, syllable work and musical stories integrated into our core curriculum.

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Junior School

Prep to Year 6

Designed to stimulate and challenge inquiring young minds, BBC's Junior School program caters for the unique learning styles of boys, combining structured and play based learning experiences. Our focus lies in the development of the whole boy. Our understanding of key developmental milestones informs teaching strategies and enables us to deliver tailored learning experiences for your son. 

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Middle School

Years 7 to 9

Boys are tribal. That's why we have Houses. And teams. And competitions. Middle schooling represents a time of great change for boys; more so than any other stage of their development. For this reason, the middle years focus on facilitating transitions and fostering independence - where boys learn from mistakes, grow through experience and unearth what truly makes them 'tick'.

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Senior School

Years 10 to 12

The senior years represent the pinnacle of a boy's education. As he begins to seriously consider the possibilities that lie ahead, we continue to encourage innovative and forward thinking. It's about ensuring he moves through these important years with clear purpose and direction. Boys are able to participate in a number of programs, so that his future doesn't start when he leaves the school gates, but now at BBC. 

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It takes a village

More than simply a school, Brisbane Boys' College is an extension of the home environment.

At BBC we are there as your child evolves from boyhood to manhood, developing important life skills such as decision making, social acceptance, lateral thinking, relationship building and an overall strong foundation on which to enter adulthood.

Our Pastoral Care program instils self-esteem, encourages leadership qualities, builds confidence and emphasises the importance of friendship; standing each boy in good stead for life’s journey.

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Broadening horizons

We provide over 30 co-curricular choices to help cultivate the important life skills needed - from joining the debating team to taking the stage to raising charitable funds and, of course, playing their favourite sport.

Our program focuses on providing benefit to the boys by adding value to their lives and encouraging them to develop integrity, ingenuity and creative spirit by being involved in a wide range of co-curricular activities.

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Boarding at BBC

BBC moves beyond education to total care.

House parents can never replace mum and dad, but at BBC they offer the special care and genuine support boys need when away from home. Combine this with our Resident Masters, Tutors, Counsellors and College Chaplain and you have a blend of family-like relationships, caring support and welcome advice.

As boarders, boys are automatically enrolled in Rudd House and through this unity a strong sense of friendship, trust, family and community is generated. Boarding provides a stable educational environment for boys to grow and develop independence and character.

From dietary needs to medical care, to recreational activities to total care and support, boarding at BBC is a unique way of life that is brimming with exciting opportunities. 

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Valuing holistic education

Brisbane Boys’ College encourages spiritual maturity and believes in the development of the spiritual life of each student.

One of the key undertakings of BBC is to encourage students to explore their relationship with God, issues of faith, spirituality and values. Providing a Christian foundation for intellectual, physical, social, moral, spiritual and aesthetic development; an enhanced education can deliver a broader dimension of the day-to-day world. 

This spiritual dimension also assists students to manage life's transitions as they develop a community spirit, a common ethos and shared values. Spirituality shapes our actions, our ethical behaviour and reflects the very essence of Brisbane Boys’ College.

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Active learning experiences

Adventures outside the classroom are designed to challenge boys and encourage a values-led approach to daily life decisions.

Outdoor Education challenges the mind, body and soul – developing life skills and resilience while having fun! From the rivers of northern NSW to the glorious Glasshouse Mountains, your son will be inspired to lead and become an eco-citizen whist enjoying all the outdoors has to offer.

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Indigenous Voice

At Brisbane Boys’ College we understand that the specific needs of each student can differ greatly.

That’s why we have tailored initiatives such as our Indigenous Education Program. The program works to close the gap by providing pathways for young Indigenous Australians to access mainstream education of the highest quailty.

A dedicated team of professionals are on hand to ensure a smooth transition and provide specialised support and care. Staff act as strong mentors, role models and supporters of culture with local elders often called upon to provide guidance. At BBC we are committed to creating an environment where Indigenous issues are understood and are motivated by the belief that such a program not only benefits those directly in our care, but has a far greater reach as we collectively work as a nation to create sustainable change.

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Employment at BBC

At BBC, we are all about the boy.

A BBC career provides outstanding opportunities for development, achievement and opportunity to become part of a remarkable group of professionals. Brisbane Boys’ College welcomes applications from individuals who are innovative, inspiring, nurturing and motivated, and have a genuine commitment to boys’ education. 

With a dedicated Professional Learning program and principles that are our foundation for conducting ourselves with courage and consistency every day, Brisbane Boys' College looks to empower its staff community to make a difference.

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Find out more

When it comes to choosing the right school it helps to have all the tools at your fingertips. Click the icons below to begin your BBC journey.

Explore our campus and surrounds

Explore our exceptional facilities in this interactive map. Look out for icons to gain insight into the wonderful environment in which our boys learn.

Submit an application

Submit an Application for Enrolment, using the PDF form or our Apply Online feature, for each son you wish to enrol.

On submission, the student's name is placed on the nominated waiting list.

Invited to interview

Based on the information supplied in school, boys and their parents may be invited to attend an interview.

Interviews may occur up to 36 months prior to the year for which entry is sought.

Offer of a place

Following an interview, should an offer of a place result, this will be confirmed in writing to the family.

Acceptance of offer

An offer of a place is accepted by the parent through payment of the non-refundable Confirmation Fee and return of a signed copy of the  Student Enrolment Contract.

Importance of a strong start

Behaviours, attitudes and learning abilities start from a very young age.

Early Learning is crucial to a boy’s later transition to manhood. That’s why we recommend your son starts in those transitional years of Prep, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 7. This is the vital time when we develop and shape your boy’s future, and in doing so have in place a comprehensive and adventurous curriculum which will ensure that BBC is a good fit for your son.

We promote a happy and safe environment in which our boys can feel relaxed - ready to listen, learn and participate.

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Fees at a glance

Our schedule sets out fees from Prep to Year 12, you can plan for the future by using our quick Fee Calculator.

It is most important for brothers to share educational experiences and be offered equal opportunities. BBC is a great supporter of siblings attending BBC and its sister schools, and as such we offer worthwhile discounts as an appreciation to those larger families.

Use our Fee Calculator to assist you in planning your son's future.

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Integrate and educate

At Brisbane Boys’ College we welcome overseas students and believe that cultural integration strengthens the outlook and overall education of each and every student and BBC.

Life in Australia is full of peace and potential, particularly in Queensland where the people are friendly and the sun shines all year round. In Brisbane the opportunities for business, work and pleasure abound. We know that your son, and in fact your entire family, will fit right in and feel at home in no time at all.

Full fee paying students board at BBC during their enrolment unless of course a parent (holding an appropriate visa) is residing in Brisbane for the duration of the school term.

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Your questions answered

Parents often seek answers to similar questions when it comes to choosing the right school. To assist we've compiled a number of frequently asked questions.

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College Tours

Each year we hold a series of College Tours along with an Open Day where we welcome students, their families and the community to explore our school and join in special events. We also make annual regional and international visits.

But if you can’t wait and really want to see why Brisbane Boys' College is the choice of so many families then we are more than happy to arrange a personal tour. You’ll soon discover that BBC is so much more than simply a school, it is a life experience for students and their families.

By taking part in a College Tour, or visiting on an Open Day, you will learn more about the broad range of learning experiences offered – from academia, internationalism and community, to amazing music, outdoor life and sport.

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Creating opportunities

At BBC, we challenge boys to think not just about what they will do to succeed for themsleves, but what their role is in the world.  

We love to see boys excel and that’s why we are happy to welcome boys who are talented, curious and keen to learn. We offer a number of scholarships and bursaries across various categories, which provides opportunities for boys to benefit from a BBC education.

Click here for further information on scholarship opportunities.

Location & Transport

Just a stone’s throw from Brisbane CBD, the beautiful architecture and landscaping of Brisbane Boys’ College is superbly situated on the hillside in Toowong.  

This central location makes getting here easy either by car or public transport. The school is also very close to the University of Queensland, the State's largest tertiary institution right on the Brisbane River where the school's boatshed is situated. 

BBC is conveniently positioned right on several major council bus routes with Toowong train station just a short walk from the College. There is a selection of train routes for students travelling from diverse areas of Brisbane. We also provide a dedicated school bus services which service the northern, western and Centenary suburbs.

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Our Community

BBC at a glance

Schools don't have to be purely theoretical. They can be places where students think about real-world problems and look for real-world solutions. At Brisbane Boys' College, we explore the four corners of a boy's mind.

Brisbane Boys’ College is a GPS boys school with day students from Prep to Year 12 and boarding students in Years 4 to 12. As a boys' school, BBC is specifically tailored to meet the needs of young men as they progress through their education, delivering active learning to help boys discover who they are and to explore their passion and purpose in life. 

An outstanding educational experience awaits your son when he joins the ranks of many thousands of young men who have passed through the 'Portal' since 1902.

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Expect great things

A word from our Headmaster.

A very warm welcome to those families commencing their Brisbane Boys’ College journey, I wish you every success during your time at the College. We appreciate the opportunity to educate and nurture these young men and to work in partnership with parents and friends of the College. It is with a great sense of excitement, humility and commitment that I too commence my time at BBC. I look forward to embarking on that journey in the company of staff, students and parents.

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All about the boy

This is at the very heart of the College.

Like each of our boys, BBC has its own unique place in the world. It’s a story that belongs to our entire community and one that brings to life our guiding philosophy – All about the boy. It articulates our approach, how we think differently and importantly highlights our thought leadership on boys’ education. 

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Honouring our heritage

In 1902 Mr A W Rudd OBE founded Brisbane Boys’ College.

Rudd believed education was the key to human progress. He saw no barriers only opportunities. Tradition and these ideals have been handed down through the generations, and today BBC is one of the most progressive and sought after boys’ educational facilities in Brisbane.

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Strategy for success

At Brisbane Boys’ College we believe in realising our vision.

Our school is diverse and dynamic, yet our strategy for success is simple - at BBC we are - All about the boy.

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Superlative outcomes

To remain at the top of the educational field we align with leading businesses for our mutual benefits.

BBC offers educational insight at the same time gaining knowledge through the collective expertise of our successful and highly recognised corporate partners.

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Future now

We're very excited about our newest facility; our world-class Middle School Precinct.

Purpose designed and built for community and flexibility this multi-level facility is geared for the 21st  century with specialist teaching spaces, including break-out and interconnected rooms. The precinct was opened in 2014.

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Thought leadership

Education is a constantly changing landscape.

At BBC we have created an environment for focused research and expert consultation to ensure our teachers are leading the way in innovative, unique and most importantly highly effective teaching methods. Investing in our staff and their learning advances the education of every student; that's why we have a dedicated professional learning program to ensure opportunities for learning exist across the entire spectrum.

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Student voice

At BBC we like to look at learning through our students' eyes.

Our teachers create a safe and trusting environment where classroom experience and outcomes are used to understand each boy's needs, behaviour and achievements. By listening to the student voice and using this to guide professional learning experiences, we are able to implement intervention strategies at an individual level and directly improve student oucomes.

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In partnership

The success of our students expands beyond the classroom.

BBC advocates partnership between home and the school, creating a rich environment for positive relationships, valuable learning experiences and overall personal growth. As experienced educators we pride ourselves on providing parents with the tools to take learning beyond the classroom and into the home.


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Support our Annual Appeal

Changing his world, changing many

Every year, the BBC Foundation calls on our members and community to give to our Annual Appeal and this year we’ve chosen to focus our efforts on an initiative unique to our school. This year, we’d like to tell you about Edward. 

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A connection for life

There’s something about staying in touch.

About keeping the bonds that are formed in your foundational years. Joining the Old Collegians Association means keeping those important connections for life and becoming a part of 14,000 like-minded Old Boys.

No matter whether you finished last year or 50 years ago the BBC Old Collegians' Association provides past students an opportunity to catch up, network and enjoy all those magnificent traditions that makes BBC especially memorable.

Reunions, dinners, news and memories. The OCA is about reconnecting. But it is more than simply reminiscing, OCA is an important part of the BBC make-up and members help to make a real difference to students and the wider community.

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Parents and friends

Our Parent and Friends' Association supports the College in many ways.

The association plays a vital role in strengthening the link between BBC and the wider community and enables those wanting to play an active role in their son's education to get involved as a volunteer or through various parent support groups.

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Meet, connect, enjoy

New friendships, social events, fun gatherings - it's all part of BBC parent connections.

Forget late night meetings and long agendas, Parent Connections is simply about providing a platform to get to know those within the BBC community through a range of events and as a parent to keep you informed of the latest developments at the College.

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Collective excellence

The Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA), has a strong tradition of providing excellence in education.

As a member school, BBC continues to contribute to the Christian education in Queensland. Established in 1918, PMSA schools have become sought after for their values, ethics and high standards overall.

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On your doorstep

Enviable facilities to match our reputation

Located just five kilometres from the Brisbane CBD in the inner western suburbs, Brisbane Boys' College is nestled in the hillside suburb of Toowong. The campus - home to state-of-the-art academic, sporting and cultural facilities - dates back to the 1930s and and has continued to progress as the College has grown in its 100+ years of operation.

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Community Service

At Brisbane Boys' College we provide our boys with opportunities for hands-on, practical, interactive learning and real-world experience.

Our school is full of inquisitive, well-rounded boys. Boys who will grow up and make a difference. Not just when they leave school, but now at Brisbane Boys' College.

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News & Events

Important Dates

Plan your year ahead.

Term Dates and Public Holidays

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Outdoor Education
Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education Program
Engaged in a world of indoor and outdoor learning

Congratulations 2018 Seniors
Congratulations 2018 Seniors

2018 OP Results Released
BBC is incredibly proud of our graduating Seniors and their achievements throughout the year

The BBC Junior School Difference
The BBC Junior School Difference

The Importance of a Great Start
to Learning
Not all schools are the same. Find out how our Junior School is different.