BBC’s purpose-built Prototype Classroom is a bespoke learning environment designed in consultation with staff, students, and parents to provide an experimental space to hone and refine new teaching techniques. The building is available for booking by all academic staff for classroom sessions, with the intent being for as many BBC students as possible to experience its unique assets for themselves. The successes trialled in the Prototype Classroom may then be absorbed into regular teaching and learning across the campus, ensuring that staff and students remain at the cutting edge of the most effective best practices.

The Prototype Classroom includes a variety of flexible learning spaces that offer a range of dynamic environments. These unique areas facilitate a wide assortment of classroom setups, emphasising creative thinking and agency among the students while offering teachers new and engaging ways to deliver curriculum content. The adaptability of this setting allows for the implementation of diverse pedagogical practices, offering boys the opportunity to experience enhancements to their regular learning and preparing them for the constantly evolving workplaces of the future.

Our experiences with the Prototype Classroom will inform BBC’s future approach to both curriculum and classroom design as we look to secure the highest standards of learning for generations of boys to come. The building has been constructed using environmentally considerate practices that respect the land and community. By repurposing the foundation of an existing build, the Prototype Classroom models responsible campus stewardship by using our past to build upon our future in a cost-effective and minimally disruptive manner.