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Nominate an Old Collegian for BBC's Greatest of All Time.

Our Old Collegians include uncountable numbers of men who have made a profound impact on the world around them. Among them stand war heroes, titans of industry, dedicated philanthropists, entertainment superstars, and sporting legends.

Help us bestow the Greatest of All Time title on Old Collegians you consider worthy.

Nominations are now open for all members of our community to select who they believe are the very best in their field.

Nominations close Friday, 12 April.

Gentleman of Honour Nomination

This person is an all-rounder. He is someone who has achieved highly in his chosen field and has made a profound difference in the community. A Gentleman of Honour is someone who acts with integrity and always chooses the right decision over the easy one.

He is someone who embodies the BBC values of honour, community, wisdom, aspiration, and achievement. It’s likely his name is on the tip of your tongue if someone were to ask you, “Who do you think of when asked to think of the quintessential BBC alumni?”

BBC Sporting Legend Nomination

While many great sportsmen have
graduated from BBC, this Old
Collegian will either be or have been
a professional or semi-professional in
their chosen sport. More than that, the
greatest of all time will act with honour
both on and off the field and is just as
likely to have won ‘best and fairest’ as he is to have broken records or won gold medals.

BBC Arts & Humanities Legend Nomination

You might remember this person as
the creative one while at school. Since graduating, they’ve entered the world of creative industries. Perhaps they were the lead architect for a team that designed a building that won awards for its environmental sustainability. Maybe they were the lead in a production at QPAC. Then again, they might have written a best-selling novel or worked on a Hollywood blockbuster.

Greatest BBC Teacher Nomination

This teacher is the one that you will
always remember. They are the teacher
you credit for your early successes or
for igniting your passion for your future
career or favourite hobby. They’re the
one who helped you feel ‘seen’. They
listened to you and went that extra mile
to ensure you understood complex
information in class. They set you up
for success, and you would appreciate
the opportunity to tell them how grateful
you are.

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Note: Gentlemen of Honour, BBC Sporting Legend, and BBC Arts and Humanities Legend awards are only open to Old Collegians and Honorary Old Collegians. Greatest BBC Teacher is open to any teacher, male or female, past or present, who has taught at BBC; they do not need to be an Old Collegian. These awards can be awarded posthumously.