Celebrating a centenary of the Old Collegians’ Association

As part of our centenary celebrations we asked some of our past College Captains, from 1963 to 2003, to reflect on what it means to them to be a BBC Old Collegian.

View the full two piece article in Collegian, July 2020 pg 58 – 61 and Collegian, December 2020 pg 78-79.


My first year at the College was its 40th anniversary and in my final year the AW Rudd Science Wing was officially opened, in honour of our Founder. The College has come a very long way since then and its pleasing to know that the original qualities of mental flexibility and moral stability are still amongst the guiding principles of a BBC education.


The Old Collegians are charged with sustaining the traditions of the College. Forty years on, 100 years on, the traditions live on!


I have always been proud to be called an Old Boy of the College and take great comfort that the legacy of past, current and future Old Boys is fostered through the OCA. The OCA activities, support and  resources contribute to the bond and what it means to be an Old Boy. I look forward to my six year old son being a “BBC Old Boy” in the future.


Five years of high school is a short period of time to have such a profound impact and it’s a privilege to be a small part of such a significant milestone. For me, 1992 to 1996 was the foundation of many
fond memories, lasting friendships, life lessons and gratitude for the opportunity to contribute towards a great legacy. Congratulations on 100 years.


When I walked through the gates of BBC for the first time I was a child with an oversized boater and a life that stretched in front of me which could have taken any number of paths. By the time my head fit that hat I was a young man confident to walk into the world on a path of my choosing, BBC gave me the gift of a well-rounded education, an understanding of our world, and most importantly, the
values and character to act as a compass in a changing world. For more than 100 years boys have walked in through those same gates and walked out as young men, and as a school, BBC focused that journey of growth. I believe that the College’s best days lie ahead.


A resounding congratulations to the Old Collegians’ Association for a storied century of service to our community. The OCA plays an integral role in post campus life and continues to outperform in the fulfillment of its mission. For me, the OCA’s tireless efforts ensure I stay connected with College life. Congratulations and thank you to all who are the custodians of the OCA for past, present and future Old Collegians.

Fostering relationships between Old Collegians and the College remains an important focus for the Old Collegians’ Association as they continue to honour the unique BBC spirit and traditions that keep generations of BBC Old Boys and their families connected to the College.

View the full two piece article in Collegian, July 2020 pg 58 – 61 and Collegian, December 2020 pg 78-79.