Payment Methods

A number of options are available in relation to the payment of school fees.

Please be aware that some payment methods will incur a service provider fee.

Payment method

(Debit account only. Not available if using a credit card or credit card
branded card)
BPAY details are located in the top right hand corner of your Fee
Statement. These payments can be made from a bank account
only; credit card does not apply. Please be aware that your financial
institution may impose daily limits on BPAY payments.

No Fees

Credit Card
(VISA, Mastercard, AMEX branded cards)
Credit card payments can be made online via the BBC website under
‘MyBBCeFees’. Visit

Merchant fee applies (these are
specified by the service provider)
AMEX, VISA, Mastercard 0.778%

Please make cheques payable to Brisbane Boys’ College and post to:
c/ Accounts Receivable
Brisbane Boys’ College, Kensington Terrace, Toowong, QLD 4066
Please also include your payment slip when posting your cheque.

No fees

Edstart helps you pay for school fees by providing simple, low-cost
payment plans that fit your family’s needs. To arrange a payment plan,
please contact EdStart directly on 1300 139 445 or visit

Fees as per EdStart Terms and Conditions

Further Information:
• Select ‘Pay my fees online’
• Access BBC’s Fee Calculator