At Brisbane Boys’ College, we know quality teaching facilitates quality learning. That’s why we are committed to advancing the growth and development of all teaching and support staff, to enable them to flourish as professionals for their personal benefit and for the benefit of our students.

Dimensions of Learning and the New Educational Objectives

At the heart of our teaching and learning is a pedagogical framework based on Marzarno and Kendall’s Dimensions of Learning and the New Educational Objectives. Widely used in schools across Australia and internationally, the focus is on teaching students how to think, not what to think. It is through this overarching framework that we are able to create cohesion across the Prep to Year 12 journey and enable students to make connections across subject disciplines.

Excellence is arrived at by teaching the academic subjects well and by engaging the students personally. At BBC, we are committed to the thinking process and this comes from dedicated, hard-working and gifted teachers who build powerful working relationships with their students. In fact, in regular surveys of students, the boys saw the positive relationships they have with their teachers as one of the College’s greatest strengths.

“Our job, as educators, is to know your son, to tailor his experience and support him as an individual. This sits at the heart of what we do at BBC and is supported by a range of classroom and corporate programs designed to enhance and support each boy’s learning experience.”


The Teacher Partnership Coaching Model

Just as our students benefit from working together, so too do our teachers. Brisbane Boys’ College recognises the benefits of teacher collaboration and adopts an innovative Partnership Coaching model, in addition to Learning Hubs, whereby teachers share their knowledge, ideas and best practice to continually improve their skills, and ultimately, enhance student learning outcomes.

The BBC Teacher Partnership Coaching model is based on the work of Instructional Coaching guru, Mr Jim Knight. The College embarked on a pilot program to train teachers in this model resulting in teachers sharing their wisdom in a research-based model, video recording their own and each other’s lessons, and having rich conversations about their practice. Under this model, student wellbeing and learning is planted at the heart of our learning environments and lessons.

We are proud of our supportive and collaborative teaching and learning culture, where good teaching practice is shared and promoted. Click here for staff reflections on the program.

Staff Reflections on the Teacher Partnership Coaching Program