BBC Partnership Coaching Program for Teachers

During the course of 2018, Headmaster, Mr Paul Brown, introduced the concept of Partnership Coaching to BBC. The model is based on the work of Instructional Coaching guru, Mr Jim Knight. With the assistance of Professional Learning Institute Consultant, Mr Glenn McLachlan, the College embarked on a pilot program to train eight teachers in the Jim Knight model.

The pilot program was successful and BBC now has 30 teachers working collaboratively in a formal coaching program to share good practice and assist in their professional growth.

This program sees teachers sharing their wisdom in a research-based model, video recording their own and each other’s lessons, and having rich conversations about their practice. Student wellbeing and learning was planted at the heart of everything we do.

Staff reflections on the program

“A successful coaching program allows teachers to learn from each other, to improve their practice and leverage the great skills within our faculty.” – Mr Paul Brown, Headmaster.

“I think a successful coaching program looks like happy, engaged teachers wanting to do their best for the kids and seeking to improve personally and professionally. We hope that coaches empower coachees to grow in all areas of their teaching.” – Mr Dom Piacun, Coordinator of OP, QCS and Curriculum Projects.

“I love the reflective nature of coaching. It has allowed me to think more carefully about my lesson processes and the way I interact with my students “- Mr Sean Riordan, Head of Professional Practice and Partnerships.

“The opportunity to film and review my lessons has been a great way to reflect on and improve my teaching. I’ve enjoyed discussing practice with a teacher who has a wildly different set of challenges and approaches to my own.” – Mr Daniel Johnston, English and SOSE teacher and Coachee.

“This program is important as it develops professional conversations and professional learning communities that support teachers and provide opportunities to share resources and teaching experiences to become the best we can for ourselves and for our students. – Ms Eileen Morgan, Senior Housemaster, Drama Teacher and Coach.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a first year teacher, a third year teacher or if you have been teaching for 25 years. There is always something you can learn through this program” – Ms Elizabeth Ward, English and Geography teacher and Coachee.