It is with great pleasure that the Brisbane Boys’ College Music Department presents our Grand Concert 2020, Together.

What a year! 2020 will be remembered as a year of so many firsts, so many highs and lows and so much music. Our students have experienced lessons and rehearsals online, adapted to socially distanced rehearsals, recorded an online musical collage of our College Hymn, all while maintaining the high quality performance expectations set by the hard-working Music staff.

Through all the challenges, our musicians have remained committed to the program and to providing wonderful performances whilst experiencing some of the greatest repertoire available to the concert hall.

We have been reminded of the joys of music and the benefits it brings. As the world faces uncharted obstacles, music continues to bring happiness and enjoyment to those performing and to those listening.

This year’s title Together describes how music is best created and enjoyed. It has the power to excite, heal, reflect, and unite.

Mr Theo Kotzas