“The idea that we as a College are one, that we are bonded together by the green white black, permeates through everything we do. It begins in the classroom, in the locker area, in the playground, in small insignificant conversations we use to support our brothers. Because if we are a family that builds each other up when no one is watching, we will be a force to be reckoned with when all eyes are on us in 2020.”
– Alister Gomersall, College Captain

Our College Captain, Vice Captains and Prefects made a special visit to the Prep Centre where they presented our youngest Collegians with their 2020 ‘As One’ theme badge and taught them the College War Cry.

All students in the Junior, Middle and Senior School will wear these special badges as a visual reminder that the strength of the College is found in unity and brotherhood and that we are stronger As One in 2020.

“All BBC boys from our shortest Preppies to our tallest Seniors are invited to join us and all fellow Collegians, as we move forward into the year with excitement and promise. But more importantly, we encourage you to tackle 2020 As One.” – 2020 College Captain, College Vice Captains and Prefects.