There are many competencies and qualities we desire in a BBC graduate. He should be a critical thinker and a problem solver; creative, communicative and collaborative. He should also be curious, willing to take initiative, persistent and adaptable. He should possess leadership qualities along with spiritual, social and cultural awareness. He should be able to love and be loved.

To be all of these things, he must first be ‘Confident’.

What is confidence? To be confident is to have an optimistic outlook on life. It is to be trusting and trustworthy. It is not arrogant or selfish but self-assured and self-aware. It is to be comfortable in one’s own skin and in the company of others.

Shakespeare wrote on self-confidence, “Our doubts are traitors and cause us to miss the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” We want BBC boys to have the confidence to banish self-doubt and to have a go and not to fear failure.

We want a BBC boy to have the confidence to be able to talk to just about anyone, in just about any situation and on just about any topic. He will be able to demonstrate sympathy and empathy towards others.

We want our young men to be confident that the education they have received at BBC has prepared them well to thrive and succeed in higher education and in their chosen careers.

We want our graduates to be confident to have the courage to take the initiative even when experiencing anxiety and facing risk.

We want our young men to have the confidence to bounce back from adversity and accept challenges with equanimity and poise.

“There is no one way to guarantee a boy will grow into a confident young man.
There are, however, many ways to ensure he has the best chance possible.”


A BBC graduate will have the confidence to ask the difficult questions and to be discerning in his judgements.

We want our graduates to have the confidence to act ethically and honourably no matter the circumstances; to do the right thing even if it may not be the popular thing to do.

Our young men will have the self-belief and confidence to nurture positive human relationships, show respect to all and grow their circle of concern.

Our most fervent wish is for our young men to be confident in heart and soul and mind.

And, finally, a BBC graduate will possess the confidence to face the world that exists beyond the College gates with hope, faith and enthusiasm, to lead a happy and purposeful life.

Our world is changing at an ever-increasing rate, with burgeoning technologies disrupting almost every part of our lives. In the face of this change, it has never been more important to give boys a well-rounded approach to life as part of their education.

At BBC, we refer to this approach as A New School of Thought.

I encourage you to explore our website and visit the College in person to learn more about our innovative approach to education and experience our unique BBC spirit for yourself.

I look forward to personally welcoming you to our Brisbane Boys’ College community.

Mr Damon Emtage, Acting Headmaster (From Term 2, 2021)

Mr Andre Casson announced as the 10th Headmaster of Brisbane Boys’ College, commencing January 2022

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