2019 Theme: What it means to be ‘All In’

Taehwan Kim, College Captain 2019

The strength of our community has always been in its unity and, at the same time, diversity. It’s what makes our College spirit unique and brings us together.

At Brisbane Boys’ College, together is how we get things done. It’s how we fulfil our potential and raise the potential of others. It’s how we achieve great things. Because when we’re ‘All in’ that’s when we’re at our strongest.”

‘All in’ may be the theme set by our Year 12 seniors in 2019, but we believe its relevance holds true in everything we do. No single person leads our great College in isolation. Our success is driven through collective effort and a culture where we utilise each other’s strengths, to grow and push each other to our limits and redefine our boundaries for success. Everything we do, we do for each other.

As classmates by chance and brothers by choice we put in 110% for each other inside and outside the classroom. Everything we do, we are all in. We don’t hold back and we give it everything we’ve got. Everything we do, we do for a greater purpose than ourselves. That’s what BBC is all about.

No words can describe what it means to be a Collegian. No one image can capture the diversity of our College, our pride for this uniform and the selfless integrity of our boys. That’s what makes me proud to be a Collegian. That’s why I am all in for the green, white and black in 2019.

Why ‘All In’? Because our family, our College and our legacy is strongest when we are all in.