2018 Theme: Culture Challenge College

 Jack Gallagher (College Captain 2018), Max Clayton and James Ward (College Co-Vice Captains)

At the 2018 Leaders’ Induction Assembly, College Captain, Jack Gallagher, and College Co-Vice Captains, Max Clayton and James Ward presented the 2018 College theme.

The theme is illustrated through clasped hands, depicting the unspoken bond shared by current and past Collegians. It is accompanied by three lines that epitomise the essence of a boy’s era as Collegians: Embrace the Culture. Dare to Challenge. Love the College.

Embrace the Culture

“This is a place where you are part of something bigger than any one person, a place for which you don the College crest with passion and participate with honour”

“A gentlemen of honour is someone who respects his peers, but also himself, both in and out of the classroom.”

Dare to Challenge

“When you walk out on stage, when you cheer from the sideline, when you prepare for a performance or participate in class, you represent yourself, your family and your school.”

“When we run onto the rugby field, when we solve a problem in class, when we help our peers and sport our boaters, we carry with us the pride and prestige of 116 years of BBC Old Collegians.”

Love the College

“When you walk through those gates you will come to realise that BBC is more than just a school… it is your home. These boys that sit beside you aren’t your classmates; they are your brothers. Miskin Oval is not a field to you; it is your backyard.”

“Seeing the passion and pride in the faces of Old Collegians, reminds us what a privilege it is to be a Gentleman of Honour and part of an association, steeped in tradition and cultural history.”

Max Clayton (College Co-Vice Captain), Headmaster Mr Paul Brown, Jack Gallagher (College Captain 2018) and James Ward (College Co-Vice Captains)