The senior years represent a time of transition as boys consider their future. At BBC we offer a diverse and flexible program to ensure each boy is able to pursue his pathway of choice.

In a rigorous and stimulating academic environment boys are encouraged to become independent learners.

Whether students plan to undertake tertiary studies or head directly into the workforce the program allows each boy to work towards achieving his individual goals.

During these years boys develop flexibility of mind, strength of character and are equipped with the skills needed to navigate future challenges and learning beyond their formal years of schooling.


During their first year of Senior School (Year 10) boys are introduced to Year 11 and 12 subject areas where possible. As the gateway year to senior studies it allows them to make an informed choice on their senior program and prepares them for the demands of these final years of schooling.

In Years 11 and 12 boys develop and strengthen their skills in specific interest areas. Students determine their two-year course of study when commencing Year 11 and can choose from Authority Subjects and Non-Authority Subjects depending upon their preferred pathway to tertiary studies. 

Tracking progress

We strive to support each student so he can develop his potential through a balanced involvement in all that College life has to offer. In Years 11 and 12 students receive regular individual counselling, looking at their all round development with a strong focus on academic achievement. 

The one-to-one interviews allow boys to discuss their goals and progress with the Head of Senior School, Head of Teaching and Learning and Senior Housemasters in a safe and supportive environment. They enable boys to track their progress and maintain goal alignment.

Guidance and support

Brisbane Boys’ College continues to bring pathway options into focus for Senior School students and their families. The College has a dedicated Careers and Counselling arm which provides students with guidance on future pathway options and personal development. 

Throughout the year the department holds In-Focus information sessions, whereby industry experts and tertiary institutions share their insights. The Careers program prides itself on bringing together some of Australia’s top institutions for hand-on workshops and information sessions.

To assist boys with pathway creation, each Year 12 student has an individual appointment with a senior careers counsellor in addition to regular career development classes. To assist with their professional development beyond the school gates, boys can also join the BBC Mentor Program which links recent graduates with old collegians who wish to share their professional insights and provide ongoing assistance after school.  

Enrichment opportunities

BBC offers a number of enrichment opportunities for students who demonstrate a capability to extend their academic abilities. These enrichment opportunities range from participation in State and National competitions, acceleration and extension of curriculum delivery, leading to enrolment in university subject courses in Year 12.