With research helping educators and parents understand the significance of middle schooling experience, Brisbane Boys' College continues to be at the forefront of adolescent boys' education.

American educator Chris Stevenson tried to explain what it means to be thirteen by reflecting upon his and other adults’ transitional journeys into Middle Schooling many, many years ago. “Each young person is confronting perplexing issues and dealing with urgent questions, conflicting priorities, unsteady expectations, unadulterated joys, and a complex array of apprehensions and aspirations as we did. What we have in common is that the primary challenge of growing up remains the same as we faced in our time: becoming the best one can be.” (Chris Stevenson, Professor of Education at the University of Vermont)


We at BBC welcome the opportunity to work alongside the boys to inspire them, challenge them, celebrate their victories both large and small and help them make every effort to see promising starts carry through to favourable finishes. Opportunities abound in a rich and varied environment developed to stimulate the growing academic, spiritual, social, emotional and physical capabilities of all boys.


Middle schooling has emerged as a system to meet the needs of early adolescents. The system itself can vary in its organisational structure but holds at its heart the importance of developing programs that stimulate learning in an environment that factors in the significant physical and emotional changes occurring in young adolescents.


The transition from primary school into high school holds with it many opportunities and challenges. BBC’s orientation program allows boys a comfortable changeover via a wide-ranging set of learning opportunities aimed at strengthening peer relationships, knowledge of systems and protocols and becoming part of a dynamic and caring community. 


BBC specifically tailors its program to meet the needs and interests of young men as they progress through their education. Excellence is valued and academically gifted students are challenged. A broad curriculum is offered to cater to the interests of all boys and every student is encouraged to achieve to the best of his ability.


Explore our Middle School Precinct

Our Middle School Precinct is geared for 21st century learners with specialist teaching spaces and interconnected rooms for flexible teaching and learning modes.