Designed to stimulate and challenge inquiring young minds the Junior School program at BBC caters for the unique learning styles of young boys.

A combination of creative and structured learning experiences allows each student from Prep to Year 6 to explore their special interests and individual talents whilst acquiring a strong foundation for future learning.

Purpose built facilities provide an exceptional learning environment and all boys are extended and supported at each stage of their development to ensure they experience personal success.

The flexible and diverse curriculum encourages students to become active learners, complex thinkers and effective communicators.

The better the start, the stronger the finish

At BBC we believe success starts early and this sits at the core of our philosophy and vision for Junior School students.

The Early Learning experience: Prep to Year 3

The early years program provides a wide range of educational experiences designed to support boys in their academic and personal development. Priority is given to literacy and numeracy, with both reinforced and strengthened through the exploration of core subject areas including Science, History and Geography. Specialist lessons in Art, Christian Education, Music, Technology and Physical Education enable boys to discover individual talents and interests.

The curriculum is designed to build a successful foundation for future learning and focuses strongly on the development of fine motor skills, phonological awareness and habits of mind.

Years 4, 5 and 6

In Years 4, 5 and 6 boys are encouraged to evaluate the world in which they live, build on talents discovered during their early years and continue to develop their knowledge in key learning areas. The diverse program is designed to promote higher level thinking skills and independent learning.

Early Years Literacy at BBC

Quality teaching in early childhood is paramount to quality outcomes. Our boys start their formal reading and writing journey from the first weeks of Prep. We follow an evidence-based approach to literacy which incorporates a love of literature with a highly-structured, synthetic phonics approach to reading and writing. Boys love this. 

Our approach means our teachers follow a consistent method to scaffold boys’ understanding of decoding text and then apply the skills they have learned in order to comprehend and write. Boys are regularly assessed and placed in focussed groups to support and extend so that they keep up and shine, not catch up. Their success breeds success.

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Enrichment opportunities

Many opportunities exist for acceleration in the Junior School, with identified students able to partake in extension activities within the classroom setting.

Boys are also given the opportunity to apply and further develop their skills through excursions, extension groups and participation in state and national competitions including Opti-Minds, individual instrumental lessons, Maths Olympiads and ICAS Mathematics, English and Science Competitions.