Outdoor Education at BBC engages our boys in a world of active outdoor learning experiences that inspire positive relationships integral to the wellbeing of self, community and our natural world.

Outdoor Education at BBC engages our boys in a world of active outdoor learning experiences that inspire positive relationships integral to the wellbeing of self, community and our natural world.

Outdoor Education at Brisbane Boys’ College tasks each boy with the time to address several key learning areas pertinent to a balanced approach to life. These programs are offered progressively and encourage a values-led approach to daily life decisions. The following five values remain our core focus across the BBC Outdoor Education program:

  • Self discipline
  • Integrity
  • Resilience
  • Positive relationships
  • Community mindedness

Whist the program is fundamentally a Pastoral and Personal Development program of the College, the experiences incorporate cross-curriculum real-world examples of content covered in the classroom. These areas include critical and creative thinking, ethical understanding, Indigenous perspectives of land and country, and sustainability.


Junior School

Junior School programs are run concurrently in Term 1 and this time is dedicated to taking students off campus to explore the natural world where learning comes alive, interpersonal relationships are developed and boys begin to practice independence.


Year 4
See Life/Sea Life, Alexandra Headlands
A night away from home – students and staff take to the Sunshine Coast to explore Sea Life and the surrounding beaches to understand nature through direct experience, fostering deeper human/nature relationships. This program offers a unique chance to experience typical camp dorm living conditions, making a bed, looking after belongings, working with others and extends to helping in cleaning after meals. 

Year 5  
Explore, Sunshine Coast Hinterland
The program for our Year 5 boys extends to three days, two nights and introduces adventure based learning through nature based activities. Boys are encouraged to explore a range of recreation activities, practice basic camp craft and explore the natural world, by camping out under the stars.

Year 6
Get Out There, Tyalgum Ridge
This is an introduction to bushwalking, camping in tents and cooking. The boys work together to practice self-reliance through basic outdoor living and travel skills whilst contributing to the team. Other activities include BMX riding, low and high ropes, flying fox, raft building, orienteering and archery.


Middle and Senior School

Outdoor education in the Middle and Senior Schools is instrumental in the teaching and practice of authentic connections, interdependence, leadership and followership. Boys are encouraged to awaken their adventurous spirit, to actively manage personal risks and to reflect. We encourage our boys to seek value in lifelong participation in outdoor activities for their enjoyment, health and wellbeing.

Year 7
Connect Retreat Orientation Program, Somerset Region
The first day of high school represents a monumental milestone in a boy’s life. It marks the start of a period of great growth and increased independence, a time when a boy’s character begins to take shape and show prominence.

The College has dedicated time in the very first week of Term 1 to immerse the boys in the values and traditions of Brisbane Boys’ College. The program offers a unique retreat experience located in the Somerset Region, with the entire Year 7 cohort supported by a range of key staff. Students will be accommodated one night in cabins and one night in tents. Surrounded by 1000 acres of bush and 3km of water frontage, your son’s Middle School adventure starts here.

Click here to watch a video of the 2018 Year 7 Connect Retreat Orientation Program

Year 8 

Interdependence, Somerset Region
Students in Year 8 experience a week exploring the Somerset region deeper than the previous year. This program marks the beginning of a boy’s self-propelled journey of organisation where he travels in groups, cooks and takes on challenges as the 'week without walls' rolls on. This program enables boys to practice new found skills of water proofing and packing for camp as well as cooking. College staff accompany the boys assisting them in the process yet ensuring they are interdependent throughout the week so they can transfer the newly learned skills to school and home life.

Year 9
Building Capacity, Upper Tweed River
This program is an expedition based multi pursuit journey in the areas on Mount Warning and the surrounding volcanic erosion caldera. Boys are exposed to a range of challenges from sunrise hikes to undulating bike rides. As the boys utilise reflective processes, unique learning opportunities arise for them to recognise personal growth and collective success. The journey affords some the sense of self-reliance and adventure driving the boys to use their initiative, resourcefulness and the group’s diverse set of skills and attributes.

Year 10
Constructed to build on a boy’s learnings in outdoor education, curriculum offerings within the classroom and positive education, this five-day program embraces skills essential to future success. Skills such as critical and creative thinking, collaboration, teamwork and communication development are foundational and this experience calls upon boys to demonstrate these learnings beyond the classroom. The ASPIRE Week program focusses on providing boys with unique opportunities for self-discovery in order to encourage them to delve deeper into who he is as a person, his place in the world and who he wants to be. The six ASPIRE components are designed to lead boys through a process of understanding the different facets of their identity:

  • Astute MeA symposium day where students will engage with keynote speakers and workshops focussed on topics such as ‘Designing your future’, ‘Investigating future study options’ and ‘Social media for employment and entrepreneurship’.
  • Social Action MeEngaging with the community and giving back through active citizenship.
  • Physical and Emotional MeExamining the metaphor of ‘paddling your own canoe’ through outdoor and positive education experiences at Somerset Dam.
  • Intellectual MeOn-site visits to higher education providers including universities and training providers.
  • Relational MeAcross all days the boys will focus on collaboration, teamwork, personal development and being ‘all in’.
  • Empowering MeLearning practical life skills such as making basic meals, changing a tyre and financial literacy.