Staff Announcement – Head of Junior School

We are please to announce that Mrs. Summa Todd has been appointed to the role of Head of Junior School and will commence in January 2023.

Mrs Todd’s appointment follows an extensive nationwide search to find the best candidate to meet the needs of the College. The selection process was rigorous, hence the extended timeframe. We look forward to formally welcoming Mrs Todd to BBC to continue the excellent work being undertaken in our Junior School.

Mrs Todd is currently the Deputy Principal of Wilston State School, a high-performing primary school with an enrollment of over 850 students. Moreover, she has fourteen years of experience in leading schools in Queensland. During her tenure at Wilston, Mrs Todd created an excellent learning culture that served to improve student attainment and satisfaction. This outcome was achieved through the synergies of staff, students and parents working collaboratively across all year levels. She has a proven ability to create strong teams across her career as a school leader.

In addition to her position as Deputy Principal, Mrs Todd has stepped into the role of Acting Principal on several occasions while at Wilston. Her commitment to her school and passion for her craft and the students in her care ensured her success in this role. Of particular interest to the interview panel was Mrs Todd’s interest in developing leadership capacity within the teams with which she works. This work was completed both at her school and at a regional level.

Beyond the classroom, Mrs Todd has a passion for co-curricular involvement for all students, and she looks forward to engaging with the myriad of opportunities available to the young men in the BBC Junior School. She has a particular interest in football (soccer), which she used to play and coach. Congratulations to Mrs Todd on the appointment.

We look forward to welcoming her to the BBC community