“As we sit on the start line all hoping for victory, the unit that has the trust, the belief and that follows the process will be the one that is successful. In order to achieve glory, you must do something the boat next to you is not willing to do. It is not an option to let down the man in front when the pain cave hits” – Sam C, Captain of Boats.

GPS Head of the River

After a 19-year drought, the BBC First VIII have won the 2021 QLD GPS Head of the River Regatta, after clenching victory in the last 250m at Wyaralong Dam.

In a gutsy display of strength and teamwork the ten man Open First squad, lead by coaches Randall Martin (OC 1990) and Scott Laidler (OC 2007), executed near perfect preparation to deliver back-to-back wins in the last three regattas before securing the O’Connor Cup in the main race.

All BBC Crews competed well with two other BBC Eights (Open Thirds and Year 11 Firsts) also finishing on the podium and our Year 10 Second Quad unbeaten in the 2021 GPS Regatta season.

“‘Trust in the process and the opportunities will come” – Randall Martin, BBC Open First VIII Coach

Junior Head of the River

Eight Year 8 crews entered the Junior Head of the River, winning six races and placing second and third in the other races.


We ask a lot of our oarsmen – early mornings, long strength sessions, and an entire season culminating in one race – and through it all the brotherhood of our boatshed unites BBC boys past and present.