It is with much excitement that we prepare for the return of GPS Sports and Activities.

To protect the wellbeing of all members of our GPS community and to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, all players, spectators and staff must adhere to the protocols below.

These regulations will be in place until further notice and we thank you for your support and cooperation in providing safe opportunities for our boys to participate in GPS sports and activities.

Mr Mark Pavone


Click here to view campus zone maps and spectator movements 


  • To meet the regulatory requirements of contact tracing and monitoring of visitor numbers on campus and at venues all spectators must register their attendance using the EVA Digital Check-In system. Students who are participating in the fixture/match will not be required to check-in using the EVA system
    – It is recommended that parents/guardians download the EVA Check-In App via the Apple App Store prior to arrival at the College/venue
    – If you have an Android device, you can use your phone’s camera or a QR Scanner App to scan codes displayed on posters located at each campus/venue zone
    – If you experience technical difficulties please see your Zone Manager who will be able to assist with a manual registration
  • Spectator numbers: only two spectators per participating child are permitted on campus, except for indoor venues where only one spectator per child is permitted (for example, The Sports Complex – Zone 1)
  • Spectators must not move to the specific playing field/area until five minutes prior to the match, and only once the previous match has been cleared. Matches will be scheduled with 15 minute breaks between games.
  • Designated BBC and Visitor spectating areas will be marked in each zone
  • Spectators are encouraged to bring personal seating as access to grandstands and seating areas will be restricted to minimise high contact areas
  • Spectators and students are to leave the campus/venue within five minutes of the completion of their match. This will ensure all areas can be cleaned in preparation for the next group of participants and spectators

Student Information – arrival, sports etiquette, departure

  • Students are to arrive no earlier than 45 minutes prior to their match and proceed directly to the designated warm-up/holding zone
  • While it is usually encouraged that all boys shake hands and congratulate opposition teams, this will not occur during Term 3. Team huddles are not permitted and will be replaced by “three cheers for the opposition” following the conclusion of each match
  • Students and spectators are to leave the campus/venue within five minutes of the completion of their match. This will ensure all areas can be cleaned in preparation for the next group of participants and spectators

Zone Managers

  • BBC staff members have been allocated specific zones to supervise as Zone Managers. These staff are responsible for policing the zone to ensure compliance with all guidelines and regulations
  • Zone Managers will be tasked with undertaking spot checks to ensure spectators have checked-in appropriately and can assist with manual registrations for anyone having technical difficulties
  • Please follow any directions given to you by the Zone Managers and feel free to approach them with any questions or concerns
  • Zone Managers will be wearing fluoro vests for easy identification

Toilet and Changeroom Facilities

  • No changeroom facilities will be available, with the exception of First Grade teams. All students are to arrive in competition uniform
  • Designated BBC and Visitor toilet facilities will be marked in each each zone

Canteen and Food and Beverage Provisions

  • There will be no canteen, food or beverage services provided on game days at this stage

General Information

  • Download the COVIDSafe app from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Participants and spectators should not attend or participate in Community Sport if they:
    – have travelled internationally or to a declared COVID Hotspot in the past 14 days; or
    – have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 in the preceding 14 days; or
    – are high risk including the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions
  • Maintain physical distancing of 1.5m at all times and wash your hands regularly
  • Hand sanitising stations will be located in each zone
  • Cleaning of high touch surfaces in each zone will occur routinely throughout the day
  • Should a participating student, spectator or staff member return a positive COVID-19 test result, they have a responsibility to notify their own school and Brisbane Boys’ College immediately

Additional Information – GPS Chess

  • No catering services will be provided on competition days
  • No student or parent spectators will be permitted inside the classrooms
  • Chess boards and pieces will be cleaned both before and after each event
  • Different chess sets will be used for training and matches
  • Chess players will be physically distanced within classrooms with up to two teams per room (a total of eight boys)
  • Visiting team parents are to collect students from Kensington Terrace