Partnership Coaching Program

“When teachers stop learning, so do students.” – Jim Knight (University of Kansas)

In 2020, our Partnership Coaching program has again focussed on developing teacher efficacy through evidence-based focus on High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS). Based on the work of Instructional Coaching guru, Jim Knight, this program seeks to support and encourage teachers to reflect on their practice through guided coaching from another colleague. Teachers are able to utilise video evidence of their lessons to explore key moments with their instructional coach. Coaches are highly trained in questioning techniques, which draw out best practice in their colleagues.

Research shows that onsite, contextualised learning, where teachers have meaningful conversations with their colleagues, produce the greatest positive impact on student outcomes. At BBC, we are committed to providing our students with access to teachers who are willing to demonstrate their enthusiasm to reflect, learn and improve their craft.

To date, almost 100 of our teachers have engaged in this coaching experience, working with an instructional coach on a teaching goal that they believe will positively impact the learning outcomes and classroom experience for their students. It is wonderful to wander through staff rooms and see collaborative staff conversations and seeing teachers working together in classes, using video recordings as a powerful teaching and learning tool.

Earlier this year, Mr Dominic Piacun, Senior School Curriculum Coordinator and I were invited to showcase the program at Independent Schools Queensland Big Ideas Forum. It was exciting to share our experience, wisdom and learnings with colleagues from across the state.

In late March, when COVID-19 restrictions hit and BBC staff prepared to deliver our Learning at Home program, Partnership Coaches worked with teaching staff to support their learning, assisting them to deliver engaging and meaningful lessons through our online Teams platform.

This year, we also produced Illustrations of Practice videos, which show the Coaching Effect Cycle in action, and provide teachers with examples of using High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) to encourage deep learning.

To close the year, the Partnership Coaching team was pleased to receive incredibly positive feedback from our colleagues. We are excited to engage further with teaching staff in 2021, as we embark on an Instructional Rounds process, that seeks to inform teaching across the College.

We trust that our boys continue to reap the benefits of this Partnership Coaching program, through improved learning experiences and exceptional results.

Mr Sean Riordan
Head of Professional Practice and Partnerships