In exciting news for the whole BBC community, past and present, the College is pleased to announce that historical editions of our College magazine have now been digitised.

To date, the 1916 -1930 editions of The Clayfield Collegian and the 1931-1953 Portal magazines are now searchable online, providing a page-by-page chronicle of our collective memory.

Despite the common threads of Editorial, School News, Sport and OCA Contributions, the magazines are evocative of their era in style, layout and photographs. The advertisements which paid for the early Toowong magazines hold their own memories, especially the price of blazers costing 37/6d.

Next year marks 100 years since the formation of the BBC Old Collegians’ Association in 1920 and the launch of this online resource is a fitting start to our centenary celebrations.

To access the digitised editions via Trove, an online resource of the National Library of Australia, please click on the below links: