Congratulations Class of 2021

Brisbane Boys’ College congratulates the Class of 2021 on their outstanding academic results.

Data released by the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) today indicates the following results for our Class of 2021:

  • 6% received an ATAR of 99 and above
  • 29% received an ATAR of 95 and above
  • 44% received an ATAR of 90 and above
  • The BBC median score was 87.30 (the ATAR of the middle student)

The College would also like to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of College Dux, Orlando Hunter who received the highest possible ATAR of 99.95. Orlando is one of only 32 students who achieved this top score out of a cohort of 52,000 Year 12s across the state.

In addition, congratulations are extended to the 10 students who have received perfect study scores in English (3 students), Mathematical Methods (3 students), Music (3 students) and Music Extension (Composition) (1 student). These boys received 100% in each of these subjects.

We look forward to inviting 54 scholars from the Class of 2021 (ATAR of 95 or greater) back to the College early next year for a special academic assembly.

These results once again place BBC among the top performing academic schools in Queensland and are a credit to the hard work and steadfast commitment of our graduating class who have completed their high school studies within a period of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

The College also acknowledges the important partnership with parents and guardians and thanks them for the invaluable role they have played in supporting their sons through their years of schooling. Our sincere gratitude is also extended to the committed teaching staff who have educated, inspired, engaged and challenged our graduating class to achieve their best throughout their BBC journey.

Notwithstanding their commendable ATAR results, it is also important to recognise the many competencies and qualities of our Class of 2021 that are not measured by a number, and we thank all boys for their contributions and leadership during their time at the College.

As this formative chapter of their lives ends, we wish them well knowing that their time at BBC has instilled in them the knowledge, skills, faith, and confidence to stride into their future.

We wish all members of our Class of 2021 every success and trust they will always have a great affection for their alma mater.