In 2020, our OCA Centenary Year, our past and present community join together to honour the unique BBC spirit and traditions that keep generations of BBC boys and thier families connected to the College, as we celebrate and give thanks for 100 years of OCA achievements.

The BBC Old Collegians’ Association was formed on Friday 27 August 1920, at a meeting in the Masters’ Common Room at Clayfield. The meeting was chaired by Mr Arthur (Barney) Rudd, and in attendance was William Renton (OC 1906), Jim Capper (OC 1916), Bill Boyd (OC 1919), Norm Grimes (OC 1920) and Mr ‘Sandy’ Snow (second master). Utilising his legal qualifications Mr Rudd drew
up the constitution in preparation for a general meeting which was held on 13 September. At this meeting officers were installed, and Mr Rudd was elected as the President. The rest, is OCA history.

The Association’s aim was to offer Old Collegians a way to keep in touch, foster fellowship and to maintain links with the College. Since its inception, the OCA has funded bursaries for sons of Old Collegians and provided endowments. Funds were derived from social activities such as dinners, dances, concerts and donations. The establishment of the OCA helped to engender a sense of tradition and permanency in the College community, which helped to create the ethos and value system of BBC, which is still evident today.

A centenary of OCA support continues to have a direct impact on our current BBC students and community. One hundred years on, fostering relationships between Old Collegians and the College remains an important focus for the OCA who continue to facilitate the generosity of Old Collegians who provide their expertise, time and resources for the benefit of students and maintain their connection to their school mates. A few short years spent making memories as a BBC student, quickly become a lifetime remembering the Green, White, Black brotherhood as an Old Collegian.

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