2022 ATAR Results


These results were released by the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) and the Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority (QCAA). The results shared here represent those students who gave the College prior permission to receive this data. We look forward to fully celebrating the achievements of our young men at the Scholars’ Assembly at the start of 2023.

From the information released which we have access to, I am proud to say that the BBC senior class has done extremely well. The College has 46 students who have already gained early entry into their preferred university studies. Furthermore, as a cohort, the boys have accomplished the following:

  • 6% of our students achieved an ATAR score of 99 or above
  • 26% of our students achieved an ATAR score of 95 or above
  • 40% of our students achieved an ATAR score of 90 or above
  • Median ATAR score achieved was 87.33
  • Six of our students achieved 100% overall in the following subjects – Literature, Music and Music Extension
  • 100% of BBC students who studied English and Literature Extension received an A and 100% of students who studied Music Extension received an A

These results are wonderful and should be celebrated, but each student should take the time to reflect on their own sterling personal achievements, both in and out of the classroom. As a school we seek to provide opportunities for success for every BBC student, no matter their passion.

To each of the young men from the Class of 2022, their families who have supported them and to their teachers who have guided them on their journey, I extend my gratitude and praise. On behalf of the students and faculty of Brisbane Boys’ College, I extend a final congratulations to this year’s graduating Seniors. We are in no doubt that you will do BBC proud as you become Young Old Collegians and proceed into this exciting new chapter of your lives.

Mr Andre Casson