Business Terms and Conditions

School tuition fees and charges are payable in accordance with these terms and conditions and BBC’s schedule of tuition fees as published for each school year. The tuition fees and charges may be varied and increased by BBC from time to time and in its sole discretion.

Billing dates: Fee statements are issued twice a year. Tuition fees are invoiced in two equal instalments as close as practicable to Friday 19 January 2024 and Friday 14 June 2024, along with any additional charges owing. Additional charges incurred after June will be billed in November.

Payment date: Fees and charges and due within 14 days of billing. Payment can be made via the BBC portal by credit card, electronic bank transfer or BPay, or via Edstart.

Early payment: A discount of 3% is applicable where annual tuition fees are paid in full on or before 1 December 2023. Payment is limited to one year of tuition fees in advance. The early payment discount does not apply if any other discount, scholarship or bursary is applied.

Late payment: An administrative fee of $50 will be charged on accounts not paid within 14 days of billing. A further $50 for each 14-day period thereafter will be charged until full payment has been received. No student may commence a new term while any amount in relation to that student or any sibling is in arrears. BBC also reserves the right to cancel the enrolment of a student and any sibling if all amounts required to be paid in respect of that student have not been paid in full by the due date. Any failure, delay, or indulgence by BBC in relation to outstanding fees and charges is not a waiver of its other rights in respect of non-payment. Any expense incurred by BBC in seeking to recover any outstanding fees and charges, including debt collection agency fees and legal fees (on an indemnity basis) may be claimed from and will be payable by the parents/guardians. An administration fee of $50 will be applied to any payment that is dishonored.

Additional charges: Some items are charged in addition to tuition fees. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Camps, some outdoor education or activities programs and overseas tours
  • Music lessons and hire of musical instruments

Additional charges are itemised and included on the fee statement.

Family discount: The PMSA provides fee reduction to families with more than one child enrolled in a PMSA school.  Eligibility is reviewed annually. Where a family has two or more children enrolled concurrently in a PMSA school a sibling discount of 10% is offered to second and subsequent siblings. The sibling discount does not apply if any other discount, scholarship or bursary is applied.

Goods and Services Tax (GST): Tuition fees are free of GST however BBC is required to apply GST to some additional charges.

Property losses: Students are responsible for any personal belongings brought to school. BBC will not be liable for any loss or theft of or damage to such belongings.

Withdrawal of a student: A full term’s notice must be given to the Headmaster in writing prior to the withdrawal of a student from BBC, or change from a boarder to a day student. A full term’s fee is payable in lieu of the required notice.

Cancellation of enrolment: If a student’s academic or social progress is such that, in the opinion of the Headmaster, they are not benefiting from the curriculum and programs of BBC, the parents/guardians may be advised to withdraw them from BBC and the Headmaster may cancel their enrolment. BBC may also cancel a student’s enrolment on grounds of misconduct, failure of the student or parents/guardians to comply with any of BBC’s codes of conduct, policies, rules or procedures, or for any reason consider by the Headmaster to be appropriate, including if the Headmaster is of the view that a mutually beneficial relationship of trust and cooperation between the parents/guardians and BBC or any of its staff has broken down such that the ability of BBC to provide a meaningful education to the student is adversely compromised.

Leave of absence: To hold a confirmed place for a student who leaves but wishes to return later (including exchange students), full fees must be paid for each term’s absence.