Brisbane Boys’ College has adopted an innovative approach to education that integrates best-practice teaching and learning with the science of wellbeing, placing an emphasis on building resilience and confidence. It is through this framework of positive education that we are preparing boys to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives.

We refer to this approach as A New School of Thought.

An Innovative Framework

Our positive education framework, which is based on the science of positive psychology, places the wellbeing and happiness of each boy at the heart of our decision making.

This whole school approach is designed to develop and reveal a child’s ability to engage effectively with their character strengths in order to build and foster positive relationships, emotions, health, engagement, accomplishment and purpose – producing well-rounded, resilient individuals who are capable of thriving personally, academically and professionally.

Our Approach in Action

At BBC, through Mentor Group, Year Level Forums, Assemblies, related lessons and Professional Development all staff and students are working from a character strengths-based approach to further develop our understanding of the science of wellbeing. At the same time, we are increasing our individual and collective wellbeing and happiness.

Strengths-based positive education interventions are tools and skills that can be taught, nurtured and embedded within individuals, and groups of individuals. All students and staff at BBC are exploring and practicing these interventions to broaden both their coping and compassion skills and habits.

Benefits beyond BBC

As educators and carers, we have the opportunity to invest social capital in the community to learn and live the principles and benefits of effective human functioning.

The spiritual gifts and strengths of both traditional and contemporary Christian faiths are syncretic with Positive Education, an evidence-based approach to pastoral care and curriculum, that cultivates an individual’s strengths and personal motivations to promote wellbeing and learning – optimal human flourishing.

This wellbeing framework provides an opportunity for all staff and students to lead a more grateful, compassionate, engaging and productive life.

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