Our commitment to knowing each boy and his learning needs, coupled with the use of various data and student tracking tools, allows quick identification of students who need extra support or challenges to enhance their learning.

With a strong focus on understanding and responding to the complex learning needs of boys our collaborative staff deliver embedded learning enrichment and extension programs for students across the College.

Gifted Education Program

We understand that gifted students require different opportunities to ensure that their intellectual, social and emotional needs are being meet. BBC staff have established an evidence-based model for the educational provision of our gifted students.

BBC’s Gifted Education Program responds to the diverse learning needs of our gifted students by implementing opportunities specifically designed to nurture their academic talents and further develop their skills through excursions, extension groups and participation in state and national competitions. This sits alongside the engagement and differentiation that our classroom teachers deliver on a daily basis.

Some examples of out-of-class enrichment opportunities offered as part of a specialised program include Opti-minds, da Vinci Decathlon, Ethics Olympiads, Future Problem Solving Program, Maths Olympiads and ICAS Mathematics, English and Science competitions.