By challenging boys physically, spiritually and emotionally we strive to cultivate in them a strong sense of achievement and individualism and charge them to craft 'the man in the mirror'.

Through games, activities, performances and service opportunities, BBC has a clear and unwavering focus on developing every aspect of our boys.

We want our boys to develop carefully honed communication skills and we want them to understand and implement appropriate and challenging strategic plans. We want them to experience winning and losing, great performances and flawed ones and we want them to provide benefit to our own and our extended community. We want them to row boats, throw balls, run, jump, make spaghetti bridges and robots, lead worship, question human impact on the planet and on other human beings, learn about justice, score a try, argue a case and act and sing and create magic through music.

At BBC, we offer the opportunity for all of this to occur, as our Co-curricular program is All about the boy.

Very few people would question the integral role sport and music play in our wellbeing and particularly in the overall learning equation at school. They serve to develop not only a child's physical ability but also his communication and social skills as well as his overall psychological development.

In recognition of this, Brisbane Boys' College has researched, developed and formalised the BBC Athletic Development Program. Holistic in nature, the program aims to provide pathways for every boy, from Prep through to Year 12, in his athletic development which is meaningful and relevant in terms of age and skill acquisition.

Co-curricular Vision

To charge each boy to craft 'the man in the mirror'

To search for the rules that make good self, on each boy's own terms, and be governed by those rules.
To find, name, challenge and dismiss external expectations.
To reflect on performance in and contribution to crew, team, club and College honestly, regularly, gently and fairly.

To distinguish the co-curricular program at BBC by leading from the ground up

To locate and pursue actions which inspire dedication, conversation, commitment and care of all members of the College.
To impress peers, coaches, teachers and parents with an understated and uncompromising attention to detail and effectiveness.

To be an exemplar in learning, training and performing the process perfectly

To apply the goal setting skills learned in the Co-curricular Program to all other ambitions and endeavours.
To be relentless and unforgiving in driving towards our collective success.
To challenge barriers to performance quality and commit absolutely to positive transformation.

Recent News

BBC awarded Most Outstanding School
Congratulations to Director of Tennis, Chris Rolph and the BBC Tennis coaching and management team who were awarded Most Outstanding School at the Queensland Tennis Awards in early November, 2015. This is a well-deserved win for an amazing program that is delivered with such professionalism and care for boys in Prep to Year 12. Having achieved State and National Championships, and represented Australia in schoolboy tennis and placing fourth in the world in 2015, BBC was a strong competitor. BBC develops tennis players of any level, from Hotshots when they first pick up a racquet to US College pathways and professional careers. At BBC, we are 'All about the boy'. Member for Ryan, Jane Prentice presented BBC Tennis with their award and made special mention of BBC in Parliament.

Chess dynamos

Brisbane Boys' College has delivered a strong result at the Brisbane Individual Chess Championships, with a clean sweep in the Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 groups. In the Year 8 division, BBC took out all three placings. 

State Basketball Championship Silver Medallists 

Following a strong campaign, which saw our BBC Basketball Firsts finish second in a highly competitive GPS competition in 2015, our young men have taken silver at the Queensland State Championships, a competition featuring the best high school teams in the state. 

RoboCup Junior World Superteam Champions

Team Pi, our Australian Robotics Champions, achieved a great feat winning the Superteam Challenge and placing eighth in the world for the individual category, at the Robocup Junior World Championships in China in mid 2015. The boys designed, built and programmed their robot as part of BBC's Robotics Club. Robotics provides an environment for trial and error, developing qualities like resilience and risk-taking. 

On top of the world

The Brisbane Boys' College Pipe Band have been invited to participate at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in August, 2018. Prior to the Military Tattoo, the College icon has their 2016 Scotland Tour where the boys will play at various events and castles around Scotland, culminating in the European Championships. This tour will lead the Pipe Band into the 2018 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo tour, where they will take part in the Massed Pipes and Drums.

Some quick facts about the Edinburgh Military Tattoo: 
• 25 shows, entertaining over a quarter of a million spectators
• The Tattoo has been a complete sell out for the past 16 years
• BBC television broadcast the Tattoo to around 6 million viewers in the UK and approximately 300 million people worldwide

This is the absolute peak of pipe bands on the world stage and we are so proud that our College icon will represent the green, white and black at such a prestigious event. BBC also placed sixth at the European Championships in 2014.