Since 1909 the tradition of boarding has played an important role in the life of Brisbane Boys' College.

The program supports students from across the country providing a place to call home and inspiring young minds through education and unique cultural experiences, which when it comes to boarding take on a class of their own.

Boarding is a way of life that offers unique opportunities: to meet friends from across the world, develop confidence, character and independence with support from a diverse yet collective community affectionately referred to as Rudd House.

Shared support

Guidance and support for boys who are away from home is a great responsibility. We ensure the best possible care for young men in their developing years is provided through a structured system of specialised staff.

From baking a birthday cake, to providing a listening ear, our resident ‘House Parents’ offer extra care and support for boys living away from home. Resident Masters, Tutors, Counsellors and the College Chaplain are all in constant contact with the boys so that a personal relationship is established and lines of communication are always open.

Boy have access to qualified nursing sisters and the school's central location allows easy access to local medical centres and facilities. Our boarders enjoy nutritionally balanced and tasty meals  prepared by our onsite chefs each day. Special dietary needs are  also catered for by our staff. 

Spaces to grow

Our modern fully air-conditioned facilities provide boys of all ages with individual, comfortable accommodation, a common room and study areas. With an emphasis on privacy and space, each boy also has access to the school’s wireless network from his desk. With state-of-the-art facilities at their doorstep, boarders are also able to easily access the College’s cultural precinct, brand new Middle School Precinct, sports complex, BBC’s Powerzone (strength and condition facility), swimming pool, tennis courts and extensive playing fields. 


A strong sense of camaraderie, team spirit and brotherhood has become synonymous with boarding at BBC. Supervised weekend activities along with Saturday sport provide a time for mateship and enjoyment. Boys from different years are grouped together for activities to encourage the sharing of common interests and to foster a family environment.

Theme nights and competitions along with social gatherings with students from sister schools are regularly organised and boys will often enjoy some free time down in the nearby hub of Toowong Village.


Brisbane Boys' College is a member of the Australian Boarding Schools Association, which has developed National Boarding Standards for Australian Schools. The Standards allow schools to assess matters relating to students, staff and the school under three categories: Welfare, Development and Management. The Standards cover a wide range of aspects of boarding, such as child protection policies and requirements, student safety, health and general well-being,  personal development, supervision and catering for special needs. Schools use the Standards as a basis for continuous improvement in delivery of services.