Every donation will help transform the lives of deserving young men and the physical landscape of the College. All donors are given the option to donate to the fund of their choice.

BBC Scholarship and Indigenous Funds 

Put simply, scholarships change lives and many of our boys benefit from financial assistance by way of scholarships. We know that families sometimes need assistance to be with us - and many families find a deep satisfaction in enabling others to experience life within our community.

BBC’s Scholarship Funds, including the Indigenous Fund, provide for boys whose presence adds to the richness and diversity of the student body. From the bush to the beach, from Blackall to Brisbane, the College’s scholarship funds support young deserving boys who, without support, would be unable to attend Brisbane Boys’ College.

Old Collegians’ Bursary 

Imagine a passionate old collegian not being able to send his son to BBC due to financial circumstance. The Old Collegians’ Bursary was established to provide assistance to boys who are sons of BBC Old Boys who would otherwise not be able to attend Brisbane Boys’ College without financial support. There is no better way to ensure our families are BBC families for life.

Building Fund

The Building Fund provides for on-going capital works projects and acquisitions in support of the Brisbane Boys’ College 3D Master Plan and to ensure world-class facilities. The changing educational landscape demands a holistic approach to creating learning environments and it’s this trend which has greatly informed the development of BBC’s new Middle School Precinct.