At Brisbane Boys’ College, we understand that we have an important role in promoting healthy eating and physical activity to our boys. A healthy diet can improve behaviours critical to educational success and performance at school. Effective school-based nutrition and health interventions can also help improve academic performance. As such, the BBC Tuckshop aims to model healthy food and drink choices that are tasty, interesting and affordable, mirroring the nutrition messages taught in our classrooms and via our Long Term Athletic Development Program. The P&F Association has engaged a group of paediatric dietitians to review the tuckshop and to provide a healthier, alternative menu for students and staff.


The food and beverages available from the BBC Tuckshop have been classified into three categories according to their nutritional value: Green, Amber and Red. You will find a coloured dot to the left of the food or beverage item.

Download the Tuckshop Menu for 2018 here

Online Ordering

My Student Account (MSA) is an online ordering and cashless payment system that can be used by students and parents to make purchases at the tuckshop. Online ordering is available for all Junior School students (Prep to Year 6) at lunch, and for all students (Prep to Year 12) at breakfast. Middle and Senior school students (Years 7 to 12) can use their existing student ID card as a debit card to make over the counter purchases at the tuckshop.

My Student Account (MSA) can be accessed using your Highlands login details. Select the “My Student Account” button on your Highlands dashboard homepage.

  • For help logging into your Highlands account, please contact the IT Helpdesk. Phone 3309 3697
  • For support with making payments or using My Student Account. Phone 1300 369783 
  • For all queries regarding purchases, please contact the Tuckshop Manager. Phone 3309 3537 
  • For all other queries, please contact the P&F Business Manager. Phone 3309 3541 (Tuesday to Friday) 

The Junior School recommends the use of a re-usable lunch wallet, available from the BBC Tuckshop or College Shop. Students should place their clearly labelled lunch wallet in the tuckshop baskets in their classroom.

College Shop

Run by the Parents and Friends' Association, The College Shop stocks all regulation uniform items as well as stationery, novels, a selection of text books and BBC merchandise.

Trading Hours

During term time the shop is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30am to 3.30pm. Outfitting and purchase of uniforms by new students is by appointment only.


The College Shop is located at the end of the internal road which leads to the Middle School, underneath the Tuckshop.

Booklist and Stationery Orders

View 2018 Booklists

2018 Ordering Code: MTWW

Using the BBC ordering code above, click here or the Campion Education logo below to view your booklist. Alternatively, over the counter purchases can be made at Campion Education’s Salisbury store any time during opening hours, although pre-ordering is recommended. Manual orders must be faxed, phoned, posted or emailed directly to Campion Education.

A second hand book service is available for families in the Middle and Senior School. 

Campion Education Contact Details
Unit 5/21 Evans Road, Salisbury
Phone +61 7 3146 9999

Uniform Orders

The outfitting and purchase of uniforms for new students is by appointment only at the College Shop. On arrival one of our parent volunteers will provide you with personal service and advice on requirements and quantities.

College Shop Contact Details
Phone +61 7 3309 3523
Fax + 61 7 3309 3612
Email lross@bbc.qld.edu.au