Changing his world, changing many

Every year, the BBC Foundation calls on our members and community to give to our Annual Appeal. This year we’ve chosen to focus our efforts on an initiative unique to our school. This year, we’d like to tell you about Edward.

Edward, is a third generation BBC boy. Edward is a son and grandson of farmers who’ve lived on the land for generations. We’d like you to meet his parents, Richard (’91) and Sarah and his sister Johanna. We’d like you to see where he lives, how he lives, how he learns, laughs, works, plays and studies. We’d like you to experience first-hand what receiving a BBC Bush Kids Bursary means to him and to his family, not just now, but in the future as well.

To read more about the Cox Family story and the Bush Kids Busary click here.

Why give?

Right now, we can support two boys’ educational needs each year through the Bush Kids Bursary, but we want to do more – need to do more, not just now, but in the future also. 

Our annual appeal is a testament to the power of collective giving and the impact we can achieve together as a community. Every gift, regardless of size, makes an incredible difference and we hope you can join us in supporting our appeal this year. 


For Further Information please contact our Foundation Office

Tiffany Hardy, Director of Development
07 3309 3598 or

Kelly Edwards, Development and Events Coordinator
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