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When you reflect on some of BBC’s greatest moments in time a story of collective will, action, generosity and support is revealed.

It’s these very sentiments that find us here today in a place of incredible opportunity and diversity. Each year the BBC Foundation invites the community to actively take part in creating the next chapter of BBC’s future by supporting a range of initiatives. Why? It’s simple. Because people like you define our difference. It is people just like you that can truly make a difference.

Three very different stories, one common connection – BBC Foundation

The impact of the Foundation is far reaching and wide ranging with our work assisting students and families either directly or universally. Find out more about our stories below.


Our work

A 100 year plan

The BBC Foundation is committed to ensuring BBC’s future is shaped by choice not chance.

When considering the future of education at BBC, looking five years, 10 years or even 50 years ahead is no longer sufficient. That’s why we have a 100 year plan; a vision which will ensure that BBC continues to adapt, grow and flourish within environments yet to be defined.

The Foundation has placed $1.5 million under strategic investment to ensure the greatest value and growth capability for the generous donations we have received. We envisage that our investments will continue to grow, becoming a permanent legacy for our school and will support our wonderful educational institution for hundreds of years to come.

Because education is the foundation

The BBC Foundation was established as a vehicle to raise funds to assist the College with much of its vital work that directly benefits every BBC boy.

The BBC Foundation now has 125 members, highlighting the resolve and pride of our old collegians, BBC families and friends to ensure the financial security and growth of the College. We continue to be inspired by the support of the BBC family. The plans are ambitious and to reach our goals we need your support.


For Further Information please contact our Foundation Office

Tiffany Hardy, Director of Development
07 3309 3598 or

Kelly Edwards, Development and Events Coordinator
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