Now that you have gained an insight into our approach to boys' education, the next step is to start the enrolment process.

The following is the procedure to enrol a student in Brisbane Boys' College (BBC).

Submit an Application for Enrolment

Application for enrolment of a student can be made by using the Online Enrolment facility or via the official Brisbane Boys' College Application for Enrolment form accompanied by the non-refundable Application Fee (refer to current Schedule of Fees). 

On submission of an Application for Enrolment form (Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4), together with other checklist items 2 to 5, including for example school reports, NAPLAN results and additional reports as applicable to Brisbane Boys' College, the student's name is placed on the nominated waiting list.

Diagnostic testing may be required to enable the College to collect valuable background information and identify individual student requirements. This applies also to students transferring from international education systems (see Overseas Students section below).

Invited to interview

Based on the information supplied to the school and other reports requested at this time (including the MCEECDYA data collection form as mandated by the Government), boys and their parents may be invited to attend an interview.

This interview may occur up to 36 months prior to the year for which entry is sought for students in Years 1 to 12 and up to 18 months for Prep applicants. These interviews are conducted by a Head of School and other Executive staff. At this interview the College's expectations of parents and students are discussed. 

Offer of a place

Following an interview, should an offer of a place result, this will be confirmed in writing to the family on Brisbane Boys' College letterhead.

Acceptance of offer

The due date for acceptance of an offer will be stated on the letter of offer. An offer of a place is accepted by the parent through payment of the non-refundable Confirmation Fee (refer to current Schedule of Fees) and return of a signed copy of the Student Enrolment Contract. In addition, parents are asked to provide information required for government reporting, which is collected by all schools in Australia.

International students (students attending the College on a student visa)

Overseas students should use the International Student - Application for Enrolment form and refer to the policy guidelines in the International Student Handbookavailable on request from Student Admissions or via the International section of this website.