A vital head start

Knowledge-based learning is no longer enough. We need to teach children how to think. Not only to solve problems, but to recognise them in the first place. We know boys. We know how to harness their energy, curiosity and thirst for competition. We call this A New School of Thought.

Designed to stimulate and challenge inquiring young minds, BBC's Junior School program caters for the unique learning styles of young boys, combining structured and play based learning experiences. We look beyond traditional foundation skills such as literacy and numeracy, with boys extended in these areas through activities such as competitions in debating, public speaking and mathematics.

At BBC our focus lies in the development of the whole boy and in preparing him for future learning and the changing world. Specialist lessons including Visual Art, Christian Education, Music (choral and ensemble), Technology and Physical Education are integrated into our core academic curriculum. Exposure to experiential learning builds and activates skills such as resilience, problem solving, independence, social aptitude and mindfulness. The synergy that exists between childhood development and a boy's ability to learn, absorb and apply knowledge is reflected in our approach. Our understanding of key developmental milestones informs teaching strategies and enables us to deliver tailored learning experiences for your son.

Because KidsMatter

The early years of a boy's life represent a vital period of growth and development. The quality of experiences in these years can have a powerful impact on his long-term wellbeing and success. BBC incorporates the KidsMatter program - a national mental health and wellbeing initiative. This framework has informed the Junior School's Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program with each year level completing timetabled SEL classes each week. 

Boys are tribal

Boys are tribal. That's why we have Houses. And teams. And competitions. With abundant space for growing healthy boys on the single campus, BBC’s well-known approach to catering for all levels of ability in a variety of activities continues to be a point of difference. Via the Adventure Program, from Prep to Year 3, the boys have enormous fun while developing their athleticism and we have prepared our programs specifically for the purpose of utilising “play” without being restricted by rules and regulations of specific games or known sports. The Year 4 Determination Program maintains the focus from our Prep – Year 3 ‘Adventure’ theme while introducing the specific rules, regulations and playing structures for Football, Cricket, Rugby, Basketball and all Track and Field events including Cross Country creating a natural link to the GPS Years 5 to 12 competitive sporting environment. 
Ultimately, we believe in our drive to develop your son’s physical and character strength, and that puffing and sweating through play-based exercise everyday whilst learning specific skills is a terrific base from which to build confidence.