Learning Support Program

There are many ways to reach a destination and our job is to support students who travel a different path. They may have a disability or they may learn differently but each of these differences bring with it the opportunity for personal success. Working in collaboration with external professionals, such as speech pathologists, educational psychologists and advisory visiting teachers, and drawing upon expert advice from current staff members, the Map Centre provide strategies for students with learning difficulties to succeed in the classroom.

The BBC Learning Support Program prides itself on highly qualified staff with extensive experience.

MAP Centre

The Map Centre seeks to respond to the diverse learning needs of students across Years 7 to 12, by providing support services to these students, their teachers and parents. These support services are underpinned by the processes of identification, monitoring, programming, in-service and communication.


  • Transition programs
  • Map Classes
  • Essential Maths Mastery
  • Technology for Independence (TFI)
  • Mentors with special responsibilities
  • Access to additional learning resources to support classroom activities
  • Assessment accommodations
  • Individualised Education Plans
  • In-class support
  • Homework Club
  • Case managment of students with disabilities
  • Camp plans
  • Diagnostic testing.


  • Diagnostic testing
  • Map plans – informative and personalised
  • Fact sheets – research based information about diverse learning needs
  • Professional learning activities
  • Working with teachers to differentiate curriculum
  • Action Research Projects.


  • Parent forums
  • Information sessions
  • Liaising with medical professionals, counsellors, Housemasters, teachers and other educational professionals
  • Advocating for the student needs.

Technology for Independence

The Brisbane Boys’ College Map Centre seeks to teach students how to take responsibility for engaging in their own learning. We want them to plan, create and publish their ideas in a real-world way and our Technology for Independence (TFI) program provides the catalyst for this.

Technology for Independence flyer