Decus Scholarships (for excellence in sports or performing arts)

BBC has a proud history of providing outstanding sporting and cultural programs. Students are supported through the provision of state-of-the art facilities, well-resourced programs and access to the finest coaches, mentors, teachers and tutors – including current and former professional sportspersons, musicians and performance artists – many of whom are recognised nationally and internationally.

This team is dedicated to providing innovative and creative programs that challenge and extend students with a higher level of ability, helping them to reach their potential and achieve their goals in the rigours of state, national and international competition.

Entry years

The Decus Scholarship (Performing Arts) is for entry into Years 7 to 11 for boys who demonstrate sound academic ability and who have a record of outstanding achievement in the performing arts.

Generally, our Decus Scholarships (Sports Excellence) are available to boys entering Year 10 or 11 and offer a partial concession for tuition at the College. 

The term of the awards will be determined by the year of entry.

Closing Date

30 April 2019