BBC is an educational institution where opportunities exist not only for students to continually build on their knowledge, but also for staff.

Educational research indicates that the biggest impact on student learning is the influence of teachers. At BBC, we are committed to investing in our staff and their learning. We are committed to engaging the hearts and minds of students.

At Brisbane Boys' College, our staff continue to demonstrate and are driven by a true passion for their profession. A teacher's passion is the key factor which allows an educator to truly engage and inspire his or her students. Passionate teaching continues to play a crucial role in the learning equation even in the dynamic and fast-paced learning environment we are seeing today.

Thought-leaders for boys' education

At Brisbane Boys' College we have a culture and expectation of sharing innovative and unique practice with educators across the educational landscape. Members from BBC's Teaching and Learning team have been called upon to share their expertise presenting keynote presentations and workshops at a number of conferences both nationally and internationally, gaining wide recognition for best practice in the boys' education space.

A vibrant learning culture

In line with BBC's Strategic Plan, the College has a dedicated Director of Professional Learning to ensure opportunities exist for learning throughout our entire system. The role is essential to creating a vibrant learning culture in which both staff and students can thrive.

Brisbane Boys' College has also partnered with an organisation psychologist to assist the College with change management processes, protocols and practices. This will ensure our 21st century learning spaces and associated pedagogies remain world-class and future focused.