A boy's physical, social and mental well-being greatly impacts on his ability to learn, achieve and embrace new experiences. At BBC, there's a warmth and friendliness that is palpable.

Brisbane Boys’ College students progress through their education with a sense of community and belonging. State-of-the-art facilities provide an exceptional learning environment and all boys are extended and supported at each stage of their development and transition to ensure they experience personal success, self-confidence, responsibility and independence.

Raising boys is a hot topic in Australia. As parents and teachers, we must have a significant understanding and appreciation of intellectual development and characteristics in boys. As a leading boys’ school, these characteristics are often drawn on to shape our own Pastoral Care program. 

Pastoral Care at Brisbane Boys’ College is designed to develop self-esteem in our students, to encourage the boys to participate, become part of a team and take on leadership roles. Ultimately, it is about nurturing this confidence and providing a strong sense of belonging. 

With a range of programs, both year-level based and cross-age, Brisbane Boys’ College is an extension of the home environment. From the day they enter the College, students become members of a House Group whose staff are dedicated to helping them in their progress, both in and outside of the classroom. Some of the topics covered in our House Tutor Periods include Leadership, Friendship, Confidence, Relationships, Organisation and Persistence.

Brisbane Boys’ College provides a unique learning environment and framework so that each student can experience success. This uniqueness is based on the building of partnerships between home, school and the community and a curriculum which is inter-disciplinary, sequential and experiential.

Our programs

Junior School

Junior Schooling gives students the opportunity to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens. The Pastoral Care program embodies “Do the five!” and the stepped approach to managing student behaviour with regards to both the school and classroom climate.

We believe that success occurs when children talk the talk and walk the walk. In special recognition of those who follow the program correctly and illustrate the whole of school Habits of Mind (honesty, compassion and generosity), students are presented with Honour Cards, Honour Certificates and Honour Awards. 

Middle School

Middle Schooling at Brisbane Boys’ College has been developed to ensure seamless curriculum and pastoral experiences along the journey from primary to secondary education. Pastoral care in the College is the sum of planned experiences and implementation of the Habits of Mind, across the whole curriculum, encouraging students to develop personally and socially. 

Senior School

Senior Schooling provides a setting for adolescent boys to develop into independent, resilient, problem solving young men and mentors for our younger learners. It builds on the journey through Middle School through an increasingly individualised approach to all our boys experience at school. 

The senior years represent a time of transition and leadership as boys consider their future. At Brisbane Boys’ College, we offer a diverse and flexible career guidance program to ensure each boy is able to pursue his pathway of choice. We want our boys to have the confidence to change the world.

Outdoor Education is specifically designed to develop self-esteem, physical and social skills and leadership potential in our students. It's a powerful educational strategy as it combines physical, psychological and social skills outside the classroom environment.