As an innovative and relevant educational institution, we understand the importance of embedding sustainability into every facet of our organisation.

That’s why we’ve made a pledge to review our practices and commit to integrating sustainability into our core operations, infrastructure and curriculum.

Humanity is facing serious challenges in relation to increasing population, increasing ecological impact and resource scarcity (United Nations, 2013). Students are learning about the challenges and opportunities associated with sustainability in the classroom at Brisbane Boys' College.

As a leading education institution, we also understand that we have a responsibility to make a positive impact in relation to the College’s ecological impact. In relation to this, we focus on three areas – waste, water use and energy use.

We are making progress. Though, we do not want to make any grandiose green claims, we have made a pledge to continually review our operations and make improvements. We are committed to integrating sustainability into our operations, infrastructure and curriculum.

Our focus lies on not only education but in ensuring that we are actively working to create a better world in which we all live. Put simply, we continue to strive to reduce our ecological footprint because we know it’s the right thing to do.

Our sustainability commitment and associated initiatives are designed to foster a sense of positive collective action for all stakeholders. It’s about empowering our entire community, be it staff, students, volunteers or parents to work together in creating a brighter future.

Action plan

To drive our efforts we have appointed a dedicated Sustainability Officer. We have also partnered with the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection through the EcoBiz program, integrated sustainability throughout our Strategic Plan, captured baseline energy, water and waste data and continue to communicate our commitment to sustainable business practices with all stakeholders.

We have implemented a campus-wide green office program, implemented e-waste recycling, partnered with energy experts, Energetics, to complete a campus wide energy efficiency audit, installed a cloud based innovative energy monitoring program, installed Aquatrip water saving technology in our toilets and bathrooms, installed occupancy sensors in offices and classrooms, initiated “nude food” in the Junior School. With more projects to follow, we are on the right track.

We have a long way to go, but we also have a strong plan to follow. Our action plan has been created to ensure we maintain a clear direction. Through our operational activities we are committed to:

  • systematically working towards operating within ecological limits
  • actively enhancing staff and students’ knowledge of sustainability, skills and wellbeing
  • exemplifying and inspiring responsible leadership in sustainability

For more information please contact our Sustainability Officer, Dominic Piacun  -