BBC's Middle School Precinct

Brisbane Boys' College continues to exemplify an innovative and strategic approach in the development and delivery of our curriculum and facilities.

With rapid advances in technology changing the way in which children interact and acquire knowledge, both physical and virtual spaces can now completely transform a child’s learning experience.

The changing educational landscape demands a holistic approach to creating learning environments. It is this trend that informed the development of BBC’s Middle School Precinct.

As a leading Middle School this facility has placed BBC on the world stage by allowing the fusing of leading practice with innovative learning spaces supported by technology.

Inside the precinct

This purpose built facility includes:

  • Four levels with each dedicated to a specific year group. Years 5 and 6 of the Junior School are housed on the bottom level, with Years 7 to 9 occupying the remaining three levels.
  • 35 contemporary spaces allowing for both group work and individualised learning
  • Dedicated spaces for pastoral care activities and house meetings
  • Defined House locker areas
  • Separate learning and resource area

Next generation learning spaces

There has been a distinct shift toward student-centered learning, redefining the role of the conventional classroom. Our precinct includes flexible learning spaces, creating a dynamic, more technologically-rich educational environment. Classrooms have been designed to support a range of teaching modes from traditional to active and discursive methods. Room layouts can be quickly modified to support group work and discussion.