At Brisbane Boys’ College, our teachers are committed to ongoing professional development. To produce young men who are capable and confident, our teachers are focussed on continuous improvement in their practice. We are always looking for better ways to engage our students, with a view to improved academic and wellbeing outcomes. A number of BBC staff work as highly trained Partnership Coaches. These coaches work with teachers, identifying with them areas of pedagogical practice they wish to develop.

Middle School Housemaster and experienced Science teacher, Belinda Barrie, recently worked with a Partnership Coach to develop stronger questioning techniques in her Science classes, with a view to students developing deep learning.  Belinda also developed her classroom climate, through including further opportunities for student collaboration. See the results below:

Head of Physical Education, Ben Spearritt, worked with a Partnership Coach, identifying a desire to engage students further in quality feedback, a high impact strategy for improved student performance. As an experienced educator, Ben drew on his high level of skill to create a feedback tool where students were able to engage in self and peer reflection. Working with his Partnership Coach, Ben designed a tool that was clearly linked to the syllabus standards and noted improved student achievement. See the results below: