Robotics news from Robocup Junior World Championships, Montreal

Our BBC boys have taken on, and defeated, teams from world leading technology giants at the 2018 RoboCup Junior World Championships in Montreal, to be awarded three World Championship Titles.

After several days of tough competition Team LJ Stand took first place in the Lightweight Division Individual Team and Superteam categories with Team FG&B awarded first place in the Open Division Superteam category and third place in the Individual Team category.

This year four BBC teams qualified to compete in the Junior Soccer Competition at RoboCup, Montreal – two team in the Open (Heavyweight) Division and two in the Lightweight Division.

In the Open Division robots are permitted to be 2.5 times the weight of the Lightweight robots allowing more componentry and therefore are theoretically more powerful. BBC Open robots were well under the 2.5 kg weight limit so were lighter and faster than many of the other robots. The Lightweight Division, due to weight restrictions requires innovation to keep the weight down and include all required componentry.

At the Championships there are two separate competitions, Individual and Superteam. The Individual competition is team against team. The Superteam competition requires cooperation between four to five different teams, who may all speak different languages, to cooperate and strategise against other Superteams on a 8m x 4m field. It looks like mayhem, but a lot of fun. Brisbane Boys' College robots scored most of the goals in the Superteam events.

The final scoring is based on:

  • Gameplay (30%)
  • Interview
  • Documentation
  • Poster
  • Technology challenges

In the RoboCup Junior Soccer League, a team of two autonomous mobile robots compete against another team of two in a highly dynamic environment, as they track a special light-emitting or passive ball in an enclosed field. The robots must find the ball and score in a color-coded goal, on a special field built to resemble a human soccer field. Robots are required to have full autonomy from humans and technical design, and ingenious programming by their developers. Participants of this challenge are required to give the best of their abilities in programming, robotics, electronics and mechatronics, but also to engage in teamwork and knowledge sharing with other participants.

Congratulations to the boys, staff and trainers of the BBC Robotics program. We look forward to welcoming you back to the College and sharing more information on your success in Montreal.

Robocup Junior World Championship Results

Lightweight Division

Team LJ Stand
Team members: Nakul Doshi, Lachlan Grant, Samuel Tudor, James Wallington, James Yelland

  • Individual Team World Champions - first place
  • Superteam World Champions – first place

Team Deus Vult
Team members: Daniel Aziz, Matthew Chen, Henry Hulbert, Taehwan Kim, Ethan Lo, Matthew Young

  • Ranked 9th out of 27 for gameplay

Open (Heavyweight) Division

Team FG&B
Team members: Alistair English, Thomas Fraser, Thomas Hulbert, William Plummer, Cooper Richmond

  • Individual Team – third place
  • Superteam World Champions – first place

Team Apex
Team members: Joshua Barclay, Riley Bowyer, Robert McArthur, Jason Wang

  • Ranked 12th out of 27 for gameplay

The 2019 World Championships will be hosted in Sydney and the BBC Robotics team look forward to qualifying and representing Australia on our doorstep.

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