BBC Robotics entered 18 teams in the recent RoboCup Junior Australian Open Championships in Melbourne. These Championships are a qualifying event for the RoboCup Junior World Championships to be held in Bordeaux, France next June.This year Somerville House Robotics joined BBC for the excursion making up a travelling party of 77 students, staff and trainers.

Our boys conducted themselves in the manner befitting fine gentlemen of the College. They were great sportsmen and ambassadors for the College and assisted other teams with their robots so that they could compete. The main aim of RoboCup is to provide an educational, fun experience and for competitors to make new friends and share their knowledge and experience.

BBC Results
Open Soccer

  • First Place: Team Omicron (Daniel Aziz, Ethan Lo, Henry Hulbert, Taehwan Kim, Matthew Young) (The team are Australian Open Soccer Champions and have qualified to represent Australia)
  • Second Place: Team J-TEC (Lachlan Cooley, Lachlan Ellis, Tynan Jones, James Talkington)

Lightweight Soccer

  • First Place: Team Gamma: (Aparaj Bogahawatta, Matthew Feros, Gus Gannon) (The team are Australian Lightweight Soccer Champions and have qualified to represent Australia)
  • Second Place: Team Morph (Henry Batt, Matthew Cranitch, Orlando Hunter, Hari Palanivel Murugan)
  • Third Place: Team Polarity (Horton Faint, Scott Kift, David Pelevin)

Secondary Rescue

  • Third Place: Team Syntax Error (Hemish Dubey, Samuel Kim, Samuel McAlpine)

Open Rescue

  • Fourth Place: Team Coding Co (Joshua Harris, Carlos Kneipp, Lucas Roach)

 The future looks bright for BBC Robotics with such talented young men at the fore. With two teams having qualified for the RoboCup Junior 2020 World Championships in Bordeaux France next June, the quality of the Robotics program stands out among the rest.

BBC Robotics has had a stellar year winning the Brisbane Regional, Queensland State, Australian Open and World RoboCup Championships.