Current Year 12 students or recent BBC Graduates who are pursuing a teaching career are invited to apply for a PMSA Teacher Education Scholarship, which provides financial assistance for aspiring teachers from PMSA schools.

The Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA) is offering a limited number of Teacher Education Scholarships to current and past students of PMSA schools – Brisbane Boys’ College, Clayfield College, Somerville House and Sunshine Coast Grammar School.

The purposes of the scholarships are:
• To foster a respect for the importance of teaching as a profession.
• To assist aspiring teachers who align with Christian faith schools to complete an approved teacher education program to enable them to make a difference in the schools they serve.

The PMSA Teacher Education Scholarships are intended to help develop a group of suitably qualified teachers who aspire to both serve in PMSA schools and gain valuable teaching
experience in other educational settings.

A limited number of scholarships, each worth $2,000 per annum for up to four years of study will be made available to suitable students entering an undergraduate teacher education degree course.

To be eligible, an applicant must:
• Either be a current student of a PMSA school, or have attended a PMSA school in the last two years, and have attended the PMSA school for at least two years;
• Be a permanent Australian resident student; and
• Be accepted, or will be confirmed as accepted, to commence a full-time undergraduate teacher education degree course in the next calendar year or be currently enrolled in such a course.

Visit the PMSA website for further details and to apply.